Rini, a faithful dog left at the door to wait for the slain owner in Ukraine, has been adopted

Renee’s new life is called Nadezhda, which in Ukrainian means “hope”. It was actually the name of the woman who could refer to the female Akita dog who became tragically famous because she had been waiting for more than a month to return to her owner’s home in Ukraine. But that woman was the victim of war brutality: the left widow and homeless, Tetiana Jadorozniak, was captured by Chechen soldiers on Putin’s pay and killed after being raped.

But Rini did not know this. Unable to comprehend what the cruelty of the human mind is capable of. And so that little dog, nicknamed by the local media “Makareev’s Hachiko”, referring to the famous story of the faithful Japanese dog, had been there for more than a month. Some tried to take him away, but his reaction was so strong that he had convulsions. So the locals take steps to bring her food and a soft canal. Put it there, in front of that door of the house that is still home for him.

Meanwhile, relatives of the slain owner were also found and offered to take him away, but a quick fix was needed: nearby mines were identified.

And finally «good news লিখে wrote in a tweet Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs -. Makarov’s Akita Renee has found a new home and her people. Its owner’s name is Nadezhda. The family knows how to take care of this breed, because they already have an Akita dog and they have befriended Rini. ‘

For a few days, the woman Rini brought food and blankets. Day after day, finding out about the breed, she gained her trust until she was able to take him to her home, a safe place where she found another dog like her, Akita, to play with. A story with a happy ending from the hell of war.

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