Sinner and Musetti, beware of these two

Madrid, Rome and Paris. One after the other continues. The international tennis season is on the ground and in Roland Garros it will be ruled by the king of the soil, as its opponents, the Americans and Australians, say it is reprehensible. For Europeans, on the other hand, it’s the Queen’s surface, just look at the golden roll of this tournament. For the Italians, then, it is the national level, considering Azzurri’s success in the slam (Nicola Pietrengelli won twice, Adriano Panetta and Francesca Schiavone won the Bois de Bologna).

And two young men will be the most watched this year: Janic Cinar, already a sacred star on the international circuit, and Lorenzo Musetti, the talented star. Matthew Beretini, the third blue in the world, a finalist in last year’s Wimbledon grass, has just returned from surgery and is recovering.

Antonio Juca, a 30-year-old Sardinian from Porto Torres, a former Sardinian doubles champion in doubles and a past 2.3 in the national rankings, but also able to win some points in the world rankings, is the only Sardinian coach to take part in the World Cup. Dan, a 34-year-old former world number 27 and is now recovering after a long period of physical problems Zucker has a job to do in comparing two young Italian tennis players, Rampant, Sinar and Musetti.

Point blank: Who do you like?

“Tough question. Cena is a tough player, very strong, who has already shown that he can compete at the highest level even if he is only twenty years old and will be twenty-one years old on August 16. Musetti is one year younger and has a great tennis, more whimsical , Perhaps I like to be present at his matches as a spectator.

Janik Sinar (Photo by Ansa)

Janik Sinar (Photo by Ansa)

Sinful miracle, try to explain it.

He is a player who, compared to his age, seems to be an established and experienced player, he has a great ability to concentrate, concentrate, “head”, as they say, think like champions. It’s probably his secret.

Services need to be improved.

“The first ball travels, the second less and at a certain level you become weaker. Of course the flying shots are not at the stage of rebounding. But again, we’re talking about a twenty-one-year-old man who was already in the top ten, number one in the world’s potential future.

There are unknown accidents between Madrid, Rome and Paris.

“Yeah, we need to see what he gets if he gets a blister on his leg.”

Musetti delights delicate palate.

“He has a spectacular one-handed backhand, a great comfort to the ball and – like the Sinar – he has important physical and athletic qualities. He also achieved good results in concrete.

He could also serve better.

“Again, especially the second ball. And anyway Lorenzo has a kick that I really like and it opens the corners for the following shots.

Someone argues about his programming: does Museti play too much?

“It’s normal for a young player to grow up, gain experience, improve through matches. Of course, it is also necessary to protect the body from injury, it is fundamental.

Janik Sinar (Photo by Ansa)
Janik Sinar (Photo by Ansa)

Janik Sinar (Photo by Ansa)

Madrid, Rome and Paris. Possibility of two Italians?

“We are talking about the most important tournaments in the world on the ground. They do not necessarily start as favorites. There are players who have been participating in the finals of this level tournament for many years. Djokovic, Zaverev, Sitsipus, rising stars Alkazar and Medvedev are expected to lose in a week, but in the future Sinar and Museti are at this level.

Matteo Berrettini (Photo AP)
Matteo Berrettini (Photo AP)

Matteo Berrettini (Photo AP)

Will a blue player be able to win a slam this year?

“Bertini reached the final at Wimbledon last year. He has had several injuries since then, but Roman is already at a strong level even considering slam placement. Sinner and Musetti? It seems to me at first, but in the future yes, even in sports you can never say.

And the Davis Cup? Will it be blue again?

“Italy has a great team with Beretini, Cinar, Musetti, Fognini and Bolili.”

Probably punished by the new formula: two singular (and no more four) and a double ৷

“In my opinion, no. Can any other country field two singles like Beretini and Sinar?”

Due to the war, Wimbledon banned Russian players from the tournament.

“I think this is a wrong choice for many reasons. Athletes have no responsibility for political choice and this is not a ban against Russia but an unjust punishment for those participating in the international circuit as professional athletes. Russian tennis players have publicly taken a stand against war and peace. Some bank accounts have been blocked, they are personally paying for situations where they are visitors. I don’t think the decision of the Wimbledon managers can bring anything to peace

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