The bride chooses her cat as her bridesmaid instead of her niece: this is controversial

The bride refuses to choose her niece as her bridesmaid, she likes her cat

  • One woman admitted on Reddit that she had decided to choose her cat as her bride at her wedding
  • The bride explained that her decision caused tension between her and her sister, as the latter assumed that one of her three children would play the role of the bride.
  • She and her sister were always close, but when the bride started dating her boyfriend, her sister began to distance herself.
  • When his sister called him a few weeks before the wedding, he accused the woman of being a terrible aunt because he had not chosen his niece as his bride.
  • Users who commented on the Reddit post agreed with the bride, as many of them mentioned that the decision was up to her and not her sister.

Many couples often choose close relatives and friends who play a role during marriage, such as the best men and bridesmaids. However, a woman in Reddit has decided to go against tradition. Because she did not choose one of her family members as the bride She likes her pet cat down the corridor with her.

The future bride explained the reason for her decision Tensions between her and her sisterSince, although they had been separated for several years, her sister had assumed that one of her three children would get the role.

Sister’s anger

In her post, the woman writes: “My future husband and I are getting married soon. It is important to note that he and my in-laws are incredibly wealthy, and they paid for our marriage in full. My sister and I have always been close, but when I start dating my boyfriend, He begins to distance himself From me and when I confronted her, she said that she felt I was becoming snobbish and rude with my new lifestyle and that it would be better for her mental health if we separated. We haven’t talked much in the last 3 years For that reason and I respect his choice. Last December, at my family reunion, I announced my engagement and everyone congratulated me, everyone except my sister. I didn’t think much of it, but it hurt me. “

“Two months ago, I invited my parents to visit the wedding venue and that’s when I came up with the idea of ​​choosing my cat as my bride.. Those who were there, my husband, my father-in-law, and my parents all thought so A great and clever ideaSo I bought her a white dress and we’ve been practicing walking down the aisle ever since. ” Recently, the woman’s sister was contacted to ask about the marriage and her daughter’s choice of bride and He was furious When the woman told him about her plan.

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He added: “Two weeks ago, my sister called me from Neel to discuss my marriage. It was weird, but I thought it was a chance to reconnect Once he brought up the subject of the role of the bride, though, I knew where the conversation was going. She has three children and thought the big one could fill the role. I then told her that I had chosen my cat as my bride. He looked stunned And asked why I didn’t think of her daughter. I just told him it didn’t come to my mind. He started talking about how terrible sister, daughter and aunt I was and then he hung up the phone. After a while I started getting phone calls from my family about how selfish I was and how stupid I was. “

The bride has now declined the invitation for her sister, but her decision has been rejected by other members of their family. Reddit users have proven themselves On the bride’s side, Many of them insisted that her sister could not make the decision because she had decided to end the relationship in the last three years. One person wrote: “Are you at least in a relationship with your niece? If your sister decides not to visit you often, I guess she rarely knows you. So I doubt the girl really cares. It’s just about your sister Igor. Ignore her and enjoy your marriage with your beautiful bride. “

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