A campaign and an app to improve individual waste collection with a focus on tourists

A communication campaign for publicity Individual collection of qualityIt’s one App Specially designed to link accurate information about the proper disposal of waste, for residents of Valle de Aosta, but with Tourists also pay attention.

In the valley we like to do the right things … even when we separate the waste!“Read it Slogan Selected for new promotions promoted byRegional division of the environment Together Envelope – That Since the beginning of 2020 it has been operating a waste center in Brisbane -, in collaboration withDepartment of Tourism.

“EnVal – New Presidential Explanation Paolo Turbiglio – Considering the commitment to improve the quality of isolated collections in the area as a priority, this is why it has decided to make its own investment. Budget 2022’s contact in this regard. Good separate collection This means a more recyclable and more circular economy, The purpose for which the Brissogne plant was born. Our commitment is therefore the importance of liaising with citizens and tourists in support of the Valle d’Aosta region and local authorities. Do daily gestures of waste segregation well And where to find accurate information We’ll keep things we don’t need anymore. “

Communication campaigns andApp Tent

Envelope and regional communication promotion presentation

The The goal So will the dissemination of information Both are citizens, Both touristsWill also be informed about the news given by those New regional plans for waste management Awaiting approval And from National lawBut in general it will focus On quality All individual collectionsProvides tools to better understand how to best dispose of all household waste.

Innovation also goes through itApp Tent – whose name comes to mind is the truffle dog, in Piedmontese – which helps to find information for understanding. How to properly distinguish materials But also Address and opening hours of the Recycling Center. Other communication tools for the campaign will be the Facebook page and the EnVal site, where insights will be spread on how and where to provide differentiated materials, as well as multiple tools (folding, LeafletPosters and more) which SubATOs can use for regional promotion on collection quality.

“It simply came to our notice thenThe right attitude towards waste Many years later it is still important, and how it is still a relevant issue – said the president of the region, and the councilor Intermediate To the environment Eric Loveways -. On the one hand, because European, state and regional motives are increasingly ambitious, and above all, because they are demanding An always higher quality and greater attention It’s interesting to have one from everyone App With Always accurate and timely informationI have to figure out how to differentiate, but in reality where you have to go to confess with respect to space. It is an essential point for the lives of our community, for the residents of the valley but also for the numerous guests in the region, but those who get timely information may face more difficulties. “

So link with TourismExplained by the Commissioner Jean-Pierre Guichardz: “Today tourists are becoming more and more citizens in one way or another, and they need accurate information about the environment and waste disposal methods. LawApp Taboui is extremely attractive because of its power Combine the environmental and sustainability aspects with the tourist offer, Thanks for categories like ‘Art & Culture’, ‘Outdoor’, ‘Good and Relaxation’. It’s a versatile tool, with great potential for data development. “

“It simply came to our notice then There is one of the first Italian territoriesApp Which combines tourism and environmental themes – Says Roberto Cavallo, CEO of Erica Cooperative and on the board of Envel -. Carry separate waste collection to explore the area, such as a spectacular fair, archaeological or commercial attraction Appeal Greater the The goal Tourists are essential to improving the environment, and this is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to collecting information. “

The door to the Brisogon plant is open

In addition to calibrating on campaigns, citizens and tourists – helps everyone understand where and how to be recognized with a particular element.App 500 through Item – You see Give information to the gods Focus SpecificIts organizers are involved Incidents in the area For bioplastic dishes and its proper and proper use SchoolThose who follow a training course.

In addition, the Brissogne plant It will be open to all citizens for guided tours Scheduled for Saturday 21st and 28th May. During the visit – EnVal explains – you will be able to see up close How the materials collected in different and separate collections are treated and understand the importance of proper home delivery itself.

To participate, just log in Website And fill appropriate Form To book a visit, choose the desired day and time.

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