FIBA Basketball Champions League 2012-22 Treviso vs Darussalam

Vilorba (TV), 22 March 2022 – In the last European match of the season, Nutribulet Treviso Wishes Basketball Champions League 2021-2022 With The sixth defeat Up As many as TOP16 matches With the Turks Darussalam Istanbul Per Win 81-85; Useless statement for black-green, given by its quality Manresa’s victory over Tofas Bursa, They come Has also eliminated them.

A very exciting, nervous and lively match was played at Palavarde, on condition that three referees could not conduct the match as they whistled. No less than seven penalties from three whistleblowers in a gameless and technical foulThe two faced off at the normal, heated, Treviso Sports Hall last quarter 1,368 visitors in attendance.

Without the captain Matteo Imbrò, rested as a precautionTreviso touch -21 as the most passive in the 28th of the third quarter 39-60But with the entry of 2004 Enrico VettoriCoach Menetti’s team sucked The gap Deploying the defensive force and reviving the attack, the last quarter reached -3 at 75-78 for Darussalam from the end 1 ‘. Triple to Pinero and Ozdemiroglu and Troy Koupain from the line, as well as Turnover (20 at the end) which severely affected Menetti’s teamThey closed the match for the Turkish black-green To pay homage to the white-and-blue at the end of 0 ″ 7 with the visitors of Palavard and with an ovation for the European journey starting from the qualification round in September..
From Sunday they will return to the TVB to focus on the championship, the transfer to the Cremona Palaradi for salvation and the play-offs.


Exit in balance Darussalam time-out after just 4 of the match, scoring all 6 starting points for 6-6 at Treviso with Aaron Jones. Former Pistoia Nathan Booth suffers pain in painting and brings the Turkish black-green from the bottom in transition to 5-1 at 6-11, with Coach Manetti spending his first time. Perfume and Troy Coupein give Triple Guests +8, NeutriBulette responds with an 8-0 break for 19, all thanks to Russell and Dimsa, but McCullough’s Triple closes first quarter 19-22 in favor of calling.

In the second quarter Opened by an Sportman-like in Atar, NutriBullet, however, fights McCallo and Troy Cowpain to bring guests to +7, a double foul approved by Sims, who gets Sportman Likes 20-28 after 13. The match was so fragmented by the trip on the line and the referee’s whistle that Traviso McCulloff’s triple dropped to 10 which brought Darussalam to 24-34 after 16 ‘, Bortolani-4, 30-34, served by Chillo, found two consecutive triplets. 18 ‘, Turkish time-out. New extension guest who, with Troy Coupein’s instructions and defensive recovery, re-expanded At the end of the first half at a maximum of +10, the gap is 34-44.

We go back to the game After the triplets at Palavarde and Bortolani, the inconvenience with Treviso Pineiro, Attar and Koupain came down to double digits to dig for Darussalam who touched +16 at 39-55 at 25 ‘, Menendi time-out. The black-and-green team from Istanbul reached a maximum of +21 for the vinyl error of the nutribute (39-60 at 28 ‘); After Dimsa hires a technician, the small crowd of Palavard starts with Dimsa and Baby Vettori to put a little pride and pressure on their opponents, but Guller’s triple stops the third quarter. 49-64 In favor of calling.

The last quarter Where Ragip Atar lives an easy life under the basket, Pineiro delivers 57-72 with 6’35 “from the end. Treviso shows pride and toughness with the various contacts that become talkative and the technical fouls are repeatedly called by the left and right referee trio; When Attar’s score was 65-78 from 3’02 “to the end, it seemed to end in Darussalam’s favor, but Jones and Sokolovsky’s Danks, two consecutive triplets by Bortolani, rekindled the match with 10. 0 break 75-78 Pineiro’s Triple and Ozdemiroglu’s Free Throw with Nutribulet effectively closed the match with 1 ‘to. It ended with the applause of the spectators at Palavarde on 81-85.

Nutribulet Treviso Basket vs. Darusafaka 81-85

Partial: 19-22; 15-22; 15-20; 32-21.

Progress: 19-22; 34-44; 49-64; 81-85.

Report card

Nutribulet Treviso Basket

Mick Jurkatam SV: Istanbul has returned to the game from that heinous right knee injury that has kept him off the pitch for almost 2 months. Back to the 5’38 ”pitch test, that’s enough.

Dwayne Russell 5.5: A lot of good intentions for the play-flute originally from Arizona, but his 3/13 shooting makes it clear that he didn’t hit a single shot. Too much iron penetration, bad results.

Alberto Pellizari NE

Enrico Vettori 7.5: The 18-year-old recently entered the middle of the third trimester and deserves public praise for his extraordinary defense against a very good defense and a very expert Guler. If the NutriBullet Treviso changes rear gear and the inertia of the match completely touches the winning comeback, it is thanks to the absolute merit of the 2004 class that closes together. Plus / minus and an infinite character of +14. If Treviso always showed his attitude and chatter tonight …

Giordano Bortolani 6: Five-part, 5 triple scoring finds excellent offensive flame. He’s not afraid to face Isaiah Piniro on one occasion, he puts it on his defensive. One of the best and save of TVB lost the match in the end.

Matthew Chilo6: He takes a lot of heart and courage, he doesn’t score goals but he scores goals for his teammates on multiple occasions. Do a counter work in many endeavors.

Henry Sims 4: Reaching the match like a lost ball and as an athlete, Attar suffers repeatedly, he just can’t start closing with a parquet less than 1 point 15 ‘. At the moment he is facing a difficult time of play and mental state.

Michal Sokolowski 6.5: It has some secret manager flare-ups, but also incredible mistakes, see 5 turnovers overall. On the defensive side he tried to stand as a holder of the team. However, he closed by capturing 12 and 9 rebounds.

Thomas Dimsa 5: The first triple catch he realizes, then causes a lot of turnover for the team and falls into crisis between the two halves. He was hammered into the retina in the final of the third period with a hammer, but a technical foul and violations did not prove him right. He came out unscathed about a foul at the start of the last fraction, leaving him nervous to get too angry with coach Menetti.

Aaron Jones 6.5: Rocket fire and flame start with energy in the first quarter. He then tries to light up the dunks and do a lot of work under the basket, but like his teammates he is not defensive despite having 6 defensive caroms. But it certainly guarantees more than the Sims, which is why it’s firmly in the top five.

Nikola Akele 5: Goes into heavy torment on opponents, 14 ‘little strength and phosphorus, always cut in rebound. Like Sims, he’s in a low-performing game moment.


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