Great success for the Uto Ughi concert

Unisanio, s. Solidarity between the Sophia Academy and the Sant’Agidio community


Academia de Santa Sophia, the University of Sanyo and Sant’Agidio unite in community solidarity with the Benevento: great satisfaction with the huge fundraising initiative for the children of Santa Maria Degli Angeli district, thanks to the project “Peace School” And Bruno Canino to two world-class giants of international music. “It’s Sunday evening, April 24, 2022, just after eight o’clock. From the stage is the beautiful auditorium Sant’Agostino di Benevento, the two lion kings of the world music world, Uto Ughi and Bruno Canino, united in their magical powers, endowed with talent, passion, humanity and boundless wisdom.” By doing so, they literally distort space and time. Their indescribable pain disappears for a moment for months. And Benevento looks like Vienna. , Together for the adorable masses of Benevento. When the two sacred monsters that marked the history of world music, high, glowing as we saw them, dose in a skillfully complementary way now control now emotion, it is a historical and stylistic summary, tangible and subtle essence. The history of the violin with the favorite star Uto Ughi from Lombardy,
Born in 1944, and born in 1935, Canino, the piano equivalent of Neapolitan. One evening we received a wonderful, touching piece of the history of music, written and played, two international icons, a wonderful gift from two angels of culture. , Italian excellence in art, style and world, with very different personalities and different stylistic choices, which together create, fascinate and conquer.
Bruno Canino sits on the piano, and Otto Ughi has held his Guerneri del Gesu since 1744. They were inaugurated by Tomaso Antonio Vitali (1663 – 1745) in the evening with G. Minor Chacon. Expressed in a linear way, it becomes a fertile element for a more daring formal and expressive search. Supported by the piano – hard and irresistible by Bruno Canino – the violin is deep in a variety of adversities and declarations, from pure ornamentation to the most intense stinginess. Ughi charms the masses with charisma, warmth and expressive intensity and moves away which sets it apart. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) followed his sonata n.9 for violin and piano – known as “a cruiser” – it was written between 1802 and 1803 when he was 32 years old and his deafness was already evident. Sonata of thrilling beauty is pure magic. The piano and the violin compete on equal terms in concert form (from the Latin “sartamen” “concert” meaning double, competition) from one movement to another, the mutual provocations and reactions of infinite variety that multiply and chase each other. To exist, in a thousand echoes and rhythmic, harmonious, sensitive variations. The resulting thick and gentle sound is an irresistible sound flood, the first movement Adagio sostenuto – Presto, great for its enormous dynamic excitement and dramatic power, the second, more varied and subtle, with endless variety, until the end – soon, a cheerful and charming . The fame of the two Titanic interpreters is reflected in the long loud applause of gratitude and joy.
The second part of the concert features Souvenir d’un lieu cher Op. Meditation from 42 (Memory of a Favorite Place) A collection of three pieces completed by Pëtr Il & ic Caikovskij (1840 – 1893) in 1878 and inspired by the memory of a favorite place, Nadezhda Von Macker, his friend and guard . Here the eloquent and provocative romanticism evokes a great nostalgic longing, animated with passion in the strings of the Ugly violin and the keys to the canine piano.
The last part of La Fantasy de Carmen op’s lineup. 24 (1883) Pablo Martin Meliton de Saraset e Nevasquez, the first Spanish musician of the nineteenth century to achieve European fame. The composer, known as the Spanish paganini, copied some famous pages of budget work of the same name, first quoting them then enriching them with a variety of creative compositional bold and rolling violin. But in his fantasy, Sarset never betrayed Carmen’s environment: the violin sings, dances, and seduces, like a statue.
Thousands of riot machines that enliven the budget gypsy but faithful. And Ughi flew with his heart and bowed along Canino’s faithful piano.
The audience cheers enthusiastically and tirelessly for the generous performances, calling and calling the artists until they get the desired encore, which comes with La Ridda dei Foletti, Sherzo Fantastico op. 25, Stunning virtual composition by Paganini’s disciple Antonio Bajini (1818 – 1897). Uzhi does not spare himself for his audience. Everyone standing to greet the two great actors with final applause and endless applause.
Prior to the concert, Massimo Squillant, President of Cadmas and Unisanio Teachers, as well as Concert Season Scientific Consultant with teacher Marcelo Rotilli and Aglia McClintock, described the important and fruitful coordination in his inaugural speech, which is a Rice which will increasingly develop a very close relationship between science, math and music with its meetings and its activities.
The Academia de Santa Sophia University of Sannio and the community of Sant’Agidio Benevento, remind us that in addition to ticket sales for this concert, fundraising for the next event with Moni Ovadia will be fully donated to the charity. The initiative “La School of Peace” is a project of the Sant’Agidio community of Benevento, which aims to provide concrete support for the integration and school inclusion of children in the district of Santa Maria Degli Angeli.

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