“Hundreds of dogs and cats, even camels and lions have been evacuated.”

Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, but also camels and ostriches. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, UNAMA volunteers have rescued hundreds of animals. “Two days ago, we removed three lions from Kharkiv Ecological Park. Now they are in Kiev, but soon we will transport them to Poland, Poland, “said Adenkronos Olga Chevaniuk, one of the founders of the Animal Rights Association, which has been committed to protecting animals since 2016, through anti-abuse laws, especially circus activities and the use of natural fur. .

Since February 24, Russia has invaded Ukraine, however, “our business – Olga says – has changed dramatically: our main goal is not to starve animals in all regions of the country, especially where fighting is taking place. That’s why we provide the necessary infrastructure.” “With financial assistance or, if remittances are not possible, directly through food, medicine and cages.”

At the association’s call center, which has a network of 100 volunteers spread across all regions of Ukraine, “requests for help are constantly coming”, continued Chevanyuk. According to him, the number of animals injured or killed since the beginning of the war is “innumerable.” We can only consider events that we are certain of, such as a farm near Kiev where three hundred dead horses were found. ”

The killing of animals during the conflict – a report by the creator of UAnimals – not only bombings and lack of care and food, but also targeted attacks by Russian occupiers against them: ” Attacked by the throat and where they ate the dog “.

Since the beginning of the conflict as UAnimals “We have removed about 250 animals, but it is impossible to make an estimate, because it should be added in all cases to those who call our call center, to whom we provide direct contact with volunteers or drivers. Willing to.

The evicted animals are both domesticated animals, primarily cats and dogs, and have been rescued from farms, zoos and environmental parks. They are taken to other safe areas of Ukraine or abroad. The last intervention was at the Feldman Zoo in Kharkiv, where, in addition to the three lions that have already been removed, there are – specimens of baboons, bears, llamas, zebras, ostriches and hyenas – in a “very bad state”, according to the animal rights organization. , Parrots and many other exotic species.

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