Inter, Scudeto Wings: Dumfries point high, Perisic tireless

Dutchmen are often at the same height as attackers. Out gossip: Great for Evan in Bologna and Udine

According to Stefano Pioli’s zoological manual, they will be jaguars. This is the fastest animal in the desert championship. Denzel Dumfries on one side and Evan Perisic on the other are running across Inter Savannah hoping to overtake the hungry lion. The target is not eaten by the prey one step away, which will then be the second star. When asked about the Jungle book, those who are interested are niche: it seems they like to compare with two tigers, roaring in a group that has become aggressive again.


Outside of scientific revelations, Inter did spread their wings at the right moment, thanks to those who have scored five goals in this league: Evan the Terrible and Uncomfortable Denzel is not only a traditional outsider, he builds a pendulum in Simon’s 5-a-side midfield without getting tired. For Perisic, for example, it is not enough just to flood the opponent’s territory with a cross, in the Italian Cup against Milan Leonino came out of nowhere as the last defender, even outside of Handanovich. Casey’s percussion one-centimeter away from the line weighed like a goal on qualification. In contrast, Dumfries stands apart because he hangs more in front, even if it’s Lautaro: during construction he curiously often stays in the same line as the attackers. The goal against Roma was born out of this position sewn by Simon Inzaghi to exploit all his excitement.

The real striker

For one evening, in the Cup Derby, Dumfries gave way to the evergreen Darmian, less glamorous than Denzel but as reliable as a few others: it was Matteo who paved the way for Lautaro for the first goal of the party. The right-wing governor, however, remains the Dutchman, who has returned in full force against Maui. Above all, Jose Roma baptized the entire year of his Italian initiation: scored the first Nerazzurri goal at the No. 2 Olympico and closed the circle at San Siro on Saturday. Of these, a vertical increase, even supported by companions in moments of despair. The hug that D’Ambrosio offered him at Empoli, for example, was touching and surprising: a week before Dumfries, in fact, Juve was penalized for an unfortunate intervention. It is said that he has a humorous character, even outside of a natural Dutch reserve: that discouragement is just a gesture, he likes to have fun slowly as he discovers the Italian language. On the pitch, however, he succeeds in a feat: silencing many of Hakimi’s widows. At the moment he has two less goals than Morocco, but only Molina (7) of Udinese has scored more goals than any of the outside defenders. But the wing here is just a starting point as the Dutchman leans towards the center as a center forward. Everyone has studied at Simone’s Liquid Football, where no one plays for the traditional role anymore but stays for the time being: Inter Roma against Roma, he is close to the attacking striker of Zeko and Lautaro.

Renewal pending

Perisic has been a terrifying stopper so far. He has delayed the explosion of Robin Gossen is still waiting for a starting shirt: how can the Croatian be let go in this moment of physical omnipotence? According to the plan, the Germans will start from the start in one of the next two away matches between Bologna and Udine, but a muscle strain has been blocked: of course not on Wednesday and probably not in May. 1st in Friuli .. This takes Perisic to work overtime, which is normal for him then. Since returning from loan in Bayern, Inter have discovered that they have a skilled and performing car in their home. He is currently one of only 9 midfielders to have at least five assists and several goals. And only Candreva (exaggerated with 204) crossed her 132 more. Looking at the cold numbers, renewal should not be questioned, but there are new non-negotiable parameters on pay: no exceptions are allowed for the 34-year-old. The situation is similarly stagnant since the last meeting at headquarters ten days ago: the Croatians will want two years of five years, Inter has promised one year and an alternative from the second to the 4th. If other clubs don’t come knocking on Evan’s door, there will be room to define everything at the last minute before the June 30 deadline. Meanwhile, Evan, along with his colleague Denzel, does what he can: he runs in a scudetto savanna like a Pioli jaguar.

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