Locri, fairy tale festival continues with “Fiabe per un Noi” project. Il Reggino

“Fairy tales for us” The fascination of fairy tales with whirlwinds of color, emotion and sound continues to fascinate young and old by transporting them on a journey of discovery. The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of the Association “I Girasoli della Lockride”, Irma Sarcosta Those who, for all the mothers in the group, wanted to highlight the importance of giving life to a project for all children, also created with the participation of children with disabilities who would help in writing fairy tales as well. Manage the exhibition. The presenter, as well as the author, Rosella SherylExplains the project and coordinates the inauguration by inviting the councilor for the social policy of the municipality of Lokri. Sunday Bumbacha To greet

“This is not a project but a path that sees the realization of one of the many works we have decided to take with the organizers today. Antonella Yachi. This festival allows us today to dream, to learn, to appreciate color, art and, above all, to share an inclusive project thanks to Sunflower. Japia Foundation vice-president. Domenico Romeo Bringing the greetings of the President Antonio La Rosa, He expressed his desire to be the foundation’s fairytale place and place for many workshops. The doctor was present Wet Kamini Jungi represents the Rokela Lions who support the project by commissioning frames for work from Mundu Cooperative.

Expressing excitement over the creation of this “enchanted space”, Yachi explained to the audience that in addition to reading the 3 books already published by Barry’s Radissy Future Publishing Company (there will be 9 books in total, one translated) in sign language and audiobooks which must be supported by all of us). The event will be packed with 2 other important moments and a grand finale on May 1st. For school only, many bookings have been made, The exhibition will be open until May 5. On April 26, at 6.30 pm, Apulian artist Dr. Florisa Sayanama In the dialogue he will present his book “LEGALEFAVOLE ei MISTINI del PLANETA DOGNIMISTI”. Philomena Drago, Psychotherapist and author, and with Antonella Yachi, The creator of the project. The meeting will be conducted by journalist Md Gianluca Albanese And Locri Domenica Bumbaca will see the councilor’s intervention.

At 6.30pm on April 30, Absolute Heroes will be the sunflower of Lockride presented by the lawyer. Giuseppe Lombardo. The presentation of the fairy tale “Sports, Love and Fantasy” written during the Autumn Workshop in Palazzo Nidu del Rio, provided by the Municipal Administration of Lokori, will be entrusted to the skill of the lawyer. Patrizia Morello. Also Calabrian artists Marila Costa and Maria Adele Longo Friulian photographers will be present William Kovaso From her photos was born the fairy tale “She Io Potassi” dedicated to nature. His Excellency Monsignor will speak as a guest Francesco Oliva And the Regional Councilor for Social Policy will be present Tilde Minasi.

Florisa Science Fiction with “LEGALEFAVOLE and the Mystery of the Dream Planet”

Designer, painter, writer. He attended Barry’s Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts. Student and then the chair assistant of the master drawing. Luigi Guericio And later professor of art and clothing history. She will then dedicate herself to fashion as a fashion designer and head of corporate style offices. For several years he has been publishing fiction for adults and stories for children and young people, illustrating his book.

In 2013 he published Edzioni Dal with interest “Women in their water”, Second place at Barry’s Fortunaduto Prize and an essay on Gianfranco Ferre’s white shirt for the book “Fashion Intelligence”. In 2014, the book “Fables Capovolt” with the chat editor was first classified in the national competition of children’s literature “Fortunaduto Award”, Barry. In 2017 “Through the eyes of children, a manual for parent trainees” (Edition from the south) by co-author Cynthia Pontiselli and in 2018 “Ten girls for me” With the same publishing company. In 2018 “Laspuntegiatura – Bestiary of symptoms” (Stage of Luna Editris). In 2019 he published with RDC Future “Storytelling 2.0 – The Story of the Wrong Witch and the Merciful Wolf” And in 2020 “In the liquid land of the elves”.

He was awarded in February 2021 “The Light of Galata 2020” Osman Ozturk, President of the Istanbul Arts and Culture Tourism Association, for contributing to peace, friendship, and the promotion of art and culture.

“Legalefevol and the Mystery of the Dream Planet”

There is a distant planet that many adults have forgotten: Sognimisti, the planet of childhood memories, Promise, good intentions. Dreams, hopes and promises come in the form of fantastic drawings on the planet SogniMisti that only children can do. They are mystics. Strange mix of imaginative and wonderful creatures. Fish with legs, elephants who know how to fly, lions, chameleons and many more. One day these adults will realize that many adults have lost hope by dreaming, forgetting promises and misbehaving: They do not seek common good and peace. Mistin and the kids will then have to re-teach the adults how to follow the rules through proper behavior. Through the eyes of the Mystics and the stories of their fairy tales, we see the everyday inconsistencies caused by humans, but we also see the light of hope that teaches children how to follow the rules and seek the common good. .

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