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The passion for video games, comics, phantoms and board games is a real mass phenomenon that has engulfed an entire generation since the 80’s in cartoons and video games.

Milan Comics and GamesListed Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May Per Malpensa Fair at Busto RCGio, Fully responds to the growing demand for pop culture and, from this version, doubles the space, creating a huge free zone where one can get out of one’s daily role is not only acceptable, but highly recommended. The declared purpose of the event is actually for anyone who wants to have a live active and exciting experience in tournaments, rallies, exhibitions, shows, meetings with the community where interests and fun can be shared. The public will find two pavilions dedicated exclusively to shows, concerts, influencers, streamers, artists, writers and thousands of square meters of stands and nodes, geeks, collectors, gamers and thematic areas for visitors.

The large market showcase will offer playgrounds including comics, manga, anime, models, action figures, games, board games, miniatures, card games, accessories, collectible gadgets and fancy products as well as collectible card tournaments and role playing games. Participation in major national comic shops will guarantee a complete overview of the rarity and new international trends in the history of comics, while Artist Alley will have space for designers, illustrators, editors and independent writers, including some students. Milan’s high school of applied arts, a total of 60 young emerging talents, will all be discovered.

The author, in collaboration with, Astorina Srl and Poste Italiane, designed a special celebration folder, dedicated to Black Heroes, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the publication, in collaboration with, Astorina Srl and Poste Italiane. Sisters Angela and Louisiana Giuseppe, who can be purchased at the Italian stand in the post, and Ricardo Nunziati, author of the poster for this edition of Milan Comics and Games. The firmcopy is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 11pm and from 3pm to 179pm at Dada Editor’s Stand. Also, 99 numbered lithographs of the poster will be made, copies will be distributed to the public free of charge until sold, and a special postcard, again signed by Ricardo Nunziati, will always be in 99 numbered copies. The Italian will create two special postmarks in the post, one dedicated to Eva Kant on April 30, and the other on May 1 in Altea de Valenburg.

Many guest writers on the stand of Dada Editor & Cut-UP, in addition to the aforementioned Riccardo Nunziati are Anna Lazarini, Tommaso Bianchi, Ivan Calcaterra and Oskar, Sergio Bonelli Editore, publisher of Cut-Up and other Italian and foreign designers, and young Mangaca Maria Artworks.

Thematic areas

Gaming. For NEXT GEN lovers, there are many PC and console stations where you can play for free with the latest news, headlines and compete on eSports!

League of Legends. Field your champion and destroy the opponent’s relationship with your team in a great live tournament.

Retrogames. For the nostalgia of the arcade era, a new large area has been set up as a game room with lots of cabinets from the 80’s and 90’s, where you can play great classics for free!

Card games. Places where you can find role playing, card and box games Free Dragon Ball Card Game and Digimon Card Game themed tournaments, a new game card series of Japanese anime of the same name.


Two exciting live concerts on Sunday 1st May for cartoon theme song lovers.

With appointment Manga boysThe official singer of the Italian Digimon theme song and with Stefano Bersola, Also known by the pseudonym Steve B., composer and interpreter, among many successes, among the theme songs of Loom the Girl from Space, City Hunter and Super Wings. Popular actors have given voices together Pietro Ubaldi, Stefano Milano will bring to the stage of Comics and Games Anime Live a unique show – concert, dedicated to the world of cartoons and animated movies of yesterday and today.


Since the first edition, Cosplay has played a leading role in events. Thousands of cosplayers and prestigious names from the Italian and international community are expected at Milan Comics and Games: Dani D. Foucault, Julia Loki, Alberta Avanji, Laurie Croft, Sara Siviero, Ferry Lulabi, Guiditta Sartori, Runa Requiem and Janet Inksplay sit on the jury of the cosplay competition scheduled for Sunday, May 1st.

Fandom and pop culture

The most incredible Phandom Milan finds a place in comics and games.

KST – Kpop show time. A dancefloor to dance and sing with K-POP music, world events of the moment, a dance cover crew, guests, a K-POP themed fly market and a double dance competition.

Assassin’s Creed. A gathering dedicated to Assassin’s Creed, the 2007 Ubisoft videogame ballad, which has also become famous for its episodes set in a variety of historical contexts. A fantasy universe consisting of major video games, spin-offs, short films, books, and other transmedia projects.

Jenshin effect. A gathering of action RPG players set in a fantasy universe, playing the role of a mysterious traveler in search of his brother / sister who was lost during a mysterious event.

Total Combat Wrestling. Total Combat Wrestling was born in Milan in 2006 and is known for its quirky character and the high adrenaline levels of its hardcore matches. They are broadcast on Nuova ReteBrescia and ItChannel in custom majet format. TCW champions will fight it in the ring and give wrestling legend and privacy.

Double Circuit events always have a place for the most favorite and important voice actors in the Italian scene. They will be the protagonist of the interview and event on stage on Saturday, April 30, and at Meet & Greet for photo, selfie, dedication and autograph collection.

Pietro Ubaldi. Special guest of this edition, Pietro Ubaldi is a legend in dubbing movies, cartoons, anime and video games. Throughout his career he has voiced Doraemon, Patrick Stella from SpongeBob, Geoffrey Rush / Hector Barbosa in Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jeremy Clarkson in the popular BBC Top Gear.

Simon Lupinachi. The voices of the anime heroes of the moment, from Shou Hinata from “My Hero Academy” to Izuku “Deku” Midoria and “Haiku !! Volleyball ACE” work in the most important recording studio to voice many characters. Official speakers for international brands, as well as movies, TV series, cartoons and documentaries.

Federico Viola. Voice of the protagonist of the Marvel film Shang Chi, Katsuki Bakugou at My Hero Academy, Vulcan in the Fire Force, Tame from BEASTARS, Ichigo Kurosaki in the Amazon Prime video and many video games: Cyberpunk 2077’s hero V, 4 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Analisa Longo. Leah and “Cyberpunk” from “My Hero Academy to Minoru Mineta”, “Assassination Classroom to Nagisa Shiota”, Assassin’s Creed Unity co-star Alice de la Serre Misty from 2077 “.

Alyssa Giorgio. The voice of Maki Oz in “Fire Force”, Baby Five in “One Piece”, Kukaku Shiva in “Bleach”, Alexandra Trace in “Trace”, LC Crimson in “Eden Zero”. You’ve heard her in movies and on television, for the beautiful Megan Fox in Rogue Mission at High Risk, while on Netflix she lent her voice to Sarah Vargas in the “Vis a Vis” series.

Influential | Streamer | YouTuber
Adrian Fartade. Adrian Fartard, a YouTuber from Link 2 Universe, arrives on the stage of Milan Comics and Games on Saturday, March 30 at 5 pm. How will the world end? And what will happen to us?

Victorlaszlo 88. Directly from Youtube and Twitch, Victorlaszlo88 is a real historical column of YouTube Italy. He has won over 250,000 followers with his videos, his language and his sympathy in movies and TV series. Victorlaszlo88 will accompany you on stage and in the guest area where you will be able to meet him throughout the weekend of the event.

Svet. Louisiana Peruchi aka Svet Krasna, a translator and YouTuber. He has a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages ​​and literature on YouTube and Twitch, and his videos cover everything from movies to the video game sector. In the podcast “It Rains for Dogs and Cats,” he works on adaptations and translations applied to pop culture.

Rob McQueen. Growing up on Dragon Ball, Ducktails and Ninja Turtles, he survived pop culture for as long as he can remember. Collaborate with AnimeClick and Tom’s Hardware. On Twitch, he curates News McQuack, where he publishes major Nord News to the general public and comments because, when he adjusts his glasses to the index, he likes to repeat, ‘culture is being shared.’

Milan Comics and Games An opportunity for young people and families to immerse themselves for hours in an imaginative and carefree world. Inside, the public will also find delicious food shops selling sushi, ramen and other Asian, international and Italian street food.

8 Euro + commission ticket Shop online through DIY tickets or Mooney Sisal PayPoint. Free car parking and free shuttle from North Station and Busto RCGO Railway Station to the fair. Free for children up to 6 years.

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