New Kids Area and poster signed by Nicoletta Costa

Tuesday 26 April 2022 – 17:20

Cartoon on the Bay: New Kids Area and Poster Signed by Nicoleta Costa

International festival dedicated to television animation, Pescara, from 1 to 5 June

ROME, April 26 (askanews) – Cartoon on the Bay is preparing to return to celebrate its 26th edition from June 1st to June 5th, with full attendance and many new features.

Of these, the Kids Area is separate, designed for teens and families, who will be able to enjoy many activities, including the participation of characters from the worlds of animation, entertainment and sports. The main purpose of the Kids Area will be to create an educational path associated with the event, original and very interesting.

It will begin with a ‘parallel’ poster to the official poster, which will be announced in the next few days, dedicated to the Kids Area, and will be assigned to Nicoletta Costa, author, designer and cartoonist who has now been called upon to reinterpret the famous Pulsinella. Bay has always separated the cartoons in a ‘kids’ version The visual elements of the poster include a variety of elements, from the simple and instant artist’s classic style, to the inevitable Nuvola Olga (which has now become a cartoon aired on Rai Yoo) and its highly recognized houses.

Many ‘special guests’ of this edition; It begins with Carolina Benvegna, actress and TV presenter who will take care of a series of events dedicated to children, with a busy program that includes, among other things, a parade of the most iconic characters on the Rye Ragaji offer.

Also in the Kids Area, a series of appointments are planned for different visitors with special focus on children and families. One of the most anticipated shows, dedicated to the ‘Rainbow’ characters, directed by Laura Carusino, stands out. Also featured in the cartoon on the Bay are iconic representatives of the most famous animated series, including ’44 Cats’, ‘Pinocchio and Friends’,’ Summer and Todd ‘and’ My Passport Friends’, who will stage sketches, ballets and moments. Playing and interacting with children in the square.

There will also be Oreste Castagna, who will present a program dedicated to peace, while former volleyball player Andrea Lucheta talks about the ‘Spikeball’ series and entertains young spectators with humorous activities.

Also present at the festival were Armando Traverso, television host, radio, journalist, Italian actor and Voice of Radio Kids, Rye Web Radio dedicated to children who will provide an ‘interactive radio story’ this year that will explain how radio is a goal. Young people.

Also in the program dedicated to children, there are two lessons that will teach how to create video games and comics in collaboration with the International School of Comics and Pescara’s Games Academy. Simon Angelini, on the other hand, will talk about how to be a cartoonist and what it means to be a designer in general.

One of the main evenings in this new area will be the anime tribute live concert ‘IDOL’, a unique concert in the West where the voices of the protagonists of the most important animated series aired in Italy, explained actress Emanuela Pacotto. The main theme songs of the famous anime are mainly sung in Japanese and Italian. Famous artist Giorgio Vanni will be paired on stage, who will explain some of his famous Italian acronyms.

From June 2 to 5, the S3 Volleyball Court will be set up at Piazza della Rinacita (Piazza Salotto), dedicated to the ‘Spikeball’ project, which will allow free play. The event was organized in collaboration with FIPAV Abruzzo.

By tradition, UNICEF, which has always praised the rights of children, will be featured in the Bay Cartoon.

Pescara will be closed for a five-day cosplay competition that will run through the city’s main streets.

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