The story of Willie the Trump, the dog that has been resting in an English pub for 142 years

Tynemouth, a town of about 60,000 people in the north-east of England, has a pub, Turks Head, the oldest place in the area, which has a special feature: As you enter the restaurant, on the left, you can help but notice a glass case with a Dogs have fragrant bodies. He is “Willie the Trump”, as everyone calls him, and he has been resting in that pub for 142 years.

In fact, the dog has been in the pub since 1880, and locals say there is an unwritten rule: anyone who occupies the place must agree to keep it there. It’s part of the Turkish mainstream, it’s part of the Tynemouth culture.

And the reason is in its history, another example of four-legged fidelity and devotion to man. It all started when Willie was a skilled sheep dog and one day he helped his owner take a flock of sheep from the Chevites through the North Shields. Suddenly the sheep ran around in fear at the sound of the city. The dog began to do what he knew best and began to raise the fleeing sheep. But after counting the sails it seemed that one was still missing and so its owner sent it back to find the lost specimen.

Willie immediately obeyed and began searching all the streets of town, when his owner, recovering the accounts, realized that in reality he had made a wrong calculation and they were all present. At one point the evening was drawing to a close and the poor Willie began to search for the sheep that did not exist, but the shepherd had no choice but to continue his journey without his faithful friend.

When Border Collie finally returns to the scene, he finds that he has been abandoned. Legend has it that the dog was there for months in the hope that his favorite shepherd would return, survive on food scraps, and refuse local help.

But his hard life was spared even worse for him: One day, a sailor from a ferry wanders around town and sees Willie in a very weak physical condition, and decides to take him to his ferry to drop him off at Tine and kill him. To his suffering. But despite his poor health, the dog was miraculously able to swim ashore.

From that day on, Willie began to care for the people on the coast who had become accustomed to seeing him roam the city streets. And there are legends that in a short time the dog regained its weight and for the generosity of the locals his coat became shiny and healthy. Willie became a celebrity at the Victorian North Shields, where he enjoyed spending time at the dock, announcing the arrival of each ferry, barking like crazy as he approached. One of the local children’s singers learned to join in his barking, causing such chaos that Willie was eventually thrown out of the boat.

A ferryman named Ralph later took Collie under his defensive arm and Willie spent the rest of his days defending his new owner around the North Shields, although he is said to have given up hope of seeing his old one. Legend has it that one year the man returned to look for her, but missed the meeting for a few minutes.

Willie died of old age in 1880 and Ralph stuffed him and the Turkish head to make sure the incredible story of the dog could reach our day, then decided to show it to a famous local chat room.

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