What does this weird gesture mean?

Dogs get under the table at lunch and dinner? A very common behavior. Let’s try to understand its important meaning.

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The four-legged friend is always fascinated by human habits and, when he gathers around us, he is always ready to follow us to get to know us better. Among the various credit behaviors, some are really bizarre but always express the need for it. Let’s see, here, why The dog gets under the table.

The dog gets under the table: money

This is a dog behavior that we are most accustomed to and that happens especially when we sit down to eat. But why does Fido always do that? We read more below.

Fido looks at the table
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Faithful friends always know how To our surpriseIntuitive and intelligent, loyal and devoted to his human lord.

With him at home, it rarely takes long to find a balance between different needs, often bau Attracted From our lifestyle.

In everyday life, it is normal to take Bau Attitude Often Strange But that is the important message in our eyes, so it is better to observe carefully.

It is not always easy to explain some of his gestures immediately, but it is possible to get an insight into everything over time and with affection. Demand Pets

Many curious dog gestures occur when dealing with food. The food moment is always special and you can discover its character as well as its various aspects Approach Unique From Food.

Whenever we see people eating in the kitchen, or in other places dedicated to this ritual, Fido is a Presence Inevitable And like it Concentrated About those who are feeding.

It is often noticed that the dog falls under the table during lunch, dinner with family or friends. Have you ever wondered why fur By Like this Every time?

In search of endless food

The reason is very simple. Fido places himself there not only to be with people, but To accept The FoodSome remnants of what you are eating or hopefully the pieces will fall off the table.

It is Behavior StrategicAs the dog knows, with his intelligence, that sooner or later a few pieces of bread or a little meat may accidentally fall and he will quickly collect them and be ready to eat.

Following the dog’s sense of smell and hiding his eyes towards us, hidden by the tablecloth, Fido could immediately begin to win something. Food Delightful For her palate.

Inside them, some hairy people are hoping to find some remnants of their own From We In those moments, and it depends on the character and how the owner is accustomed to the particular context.

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Fido hides under the table: Shelter

Favorite little dog doesn’t just go under the table to find scraps of food. This behavior may indicate other needs of the animal which should not be underestimated. Let’s continue reading the article.

Behavior of confidence
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The desire to eat something good and never taste it before is not the only reason that can push the dog down the table, even if you are not eating anything.

Looking for a place Comfortable And Safe The dog is a common cause of being under the table. Fido is good Place More Family members For him, where he knows he can’t be seen and where he can rest alone, for a long time.

When other people come to visit us, it becomes even more so. Tables, as well Mobile phone In general, as it is seen by bau Shelter Calm down Where it feels uncomfortable to wait, the dog is the perfect place to be unnecessarily scared.

In addition to a potential feeling of fear at home, can find fur Comfortable Stop Under the table and sleep. A dog is always looking for the perfect and free place where he can enjoy himself SleepEven in the presence of people.

This attitude, as we have said, is very normal in the case of hairy pets, but only if this gesture is accompanied by others. Behavior Abnormalities and symptomsWhich is repeated every day, it would be appropriate To do it Inspection To rule out more serious problems with your trusted veterinarian.

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