What to do in Milan if it rains: 5 places to visit

The world of photographer David Lachapel from Alice in Wonderland, where to go in Milan in the rain.

Inspired by Rabbit Hole in Milan, Alice in Wonderland

When it rains, you know, it’s hard to walk around Milan, walk in the open air and enjoy shopping in the city. The desire is often to be quiet at home or to go to most places which reminds us. The home environment, warm and welcoming, it surprises or excites us, forgetting the bad weather outside us. From the Alice in Wonderland bar to the world of photographer David Lachapel, let’s see where to go in Milan if it rains.

Inside Milan's Rabbit Hole, a bar inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Inside Milan’s Rabbit Hole, a bar inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s place in the wonderland of the world

Through Mazzini 20, get ready to enter the Bianconiglio den in Milan, as the Rabbit Hole is a bar inspired by Alice in Wonderland where everything from furniture to menus is themed. Lewis Carroll’s famous story was used as a reference to create fantastic settings and a humorous atmosphere that will captivate but not only Alice in Wonderland fans. The chairs in the rabbit hole are shaped like a card symbol, the walls are constantly spinning, the tea house is like a mad hatter, and a huge cat is smiling at the wall. Reservations not available.

Bar for cat lovers

Pet cats, especially on dull days, are an established anti-stress therapy. Here’s a look at some of the places where you can sip tea or read a book while uninterrupted cats roam around, admiring, cuddling or playing. The Crazy Cat Cafe in Milan, Via Napo Toriani 5, is a place where nine cats seek refuge and where to take shelter, when it is raining outside, can be very comfortable. The whole environment is designed to make cats feel calm and give customers comfort. Reservations are accepted.

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The Crazy Cat Cafe in Milan

The Crazy Cat Cafe in Milan

Exhibition by David Lachapel

Going to the museum is always a great way to spend your leisure time in the rain outside. He recently opened the “David Lachapel” exhibition at MUDEC in Milan. I believe in miracles. “The exhibition is an unprecedented preview of David Lachapel’s work, spanning a very long period of time from his first work to the final stages of his production. And the music star system, David Lachapel’s favorite theme, even goes so far as to reflect on nature’s weaknesses.

Current of Fondazione Prada

The cultural center of Fondazione Prada is so huge and complex that it can take a whole day to explore. It is a complex of buildings renovated and / or designed by architect Rem Culhas and his architectural studio, launched by the Prada Foundation, to create one of the most fascinating architectural and artistic expressions in the world. Exhibition “Useless body?” The largest, created by Michael Elmgreen and Inger Dragset, by Fundagion Prada, reflects the human condition in society. And for a greedy but design break we suggest stopping inside the Bar Louise, the museum complex, designed by director Wes Anderson in his typical retro style or, for those who stay still until sunset, the view of the restaurant Terrace della Tor is breathtaking. .

Prada Foundation @andrea_rossetti_archive

Prada Foundation @andrea_rossetti_archive

Triennale travel to Milan

Triennale Milan, since its inception, is a cultural institution not only for Milan, but also internationally. Entering the historic sites of the Palazzo del’Art itself is already a journey of quality art, architecture and design. Time seems to fly by inside the various exhibition halls of Triennale Milan because with a single ticket you can always see numerous temporary exhibitions in addition to the Italian Design Museum and the permanent exhibition of Casa Lana de. Ittor Sotsas. Currently the exhibition is dedicated to the photographer The People I Like and The Fantasy Jewels Giovanni Gastel, Saul Steinberg Milan New York, Raymond Dipardon e Barbara Probst. Poetry and truth. Triennale Milano’s new bar stop can be even more enjoyable, with large windows from which you can admire the garden’s new work: the “Grand Milano” chair Aldo Rossi And the work “Meuble Plus”, by the Franco-Hungarian architect Jonah Friedman.


Aldo Rossi’s “Grand Milano” chair at the Milan Triennial

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