“A great dog in his own right”

Nine months have passed since Pascoalino arrived in San Romolo. Every 1400 km journey Get back the lost freedom: Stefano de Caprio’s Canine Oasis, west of Liguria, from a box in the Muratella Roman Canal to the grasslands of the Army of Stress.

Pasqualino was a wild dog that lived on the street without disturbing anyone, until one day a lady decided to report him to the authorities, and as a result, one of Canel’s captives. But a group of friends and colleagues found the key to his release: Stefano’s journey.

The canine oasis for semi-wild animals, led by Stefano, was born from the idea of ​​creating i. Prerequisite for acceptance Dogs who would otherwise have no chance. Who have created more or less marked mistrust among people. There is a motto behind this: giving the dog a chance to express his potential The herds are already formed The animal can return with a balance and so can finally find a stable adoption. “Armata” dogs have the opportunity to learn Social dynamics Which is often lacking, often due to human interference in matters that would have been very well lived by the people.

Thus, Stefano’s dogs are able to express themselves, to bring out Their character And learning the basic dynamics of the herd develops the potential of a single person. And this is it The main point of the shelterAfter all: give it a chance.

Kodami followed Pascoalino’s long journey last July and was still in hiding when we went to see him in the misguided army. Behind the bushes. He did not communicate with people or with his definition. A few months later, when winter entered the foothills of Mount Beginon and Pasqualino, Theodore is now named, Free dog rediscovered. And Stefano told us today about his new life with Army Pack.

Stefano, how is Theodore today?

“Very well I would say, It blends in with all dogs Present without any problems. I think he’s particularly attached to the 243 (the first dog to come into the army, Ed) And, of course, it makes me particularly happy. Theodore, whom a friend of mine calls “the dog of the dog”: he does well among his companions.

What was the moment of depression?

“No, only we humans can’t do that. Theodore is a fantastic dog with one Incredible communication skills. She is a wonderful parent and has a very important personality. I knew very well who I was adopting and I am very happy with both the dog he has become today and what he was like when he came. The fact that it does not sell itself for a hug or a biscuit now for me almost dogmas for dogs that I want to stay.

Is Theodore a dog today?

“What it should be: a Dogs Fantastic in its essence. He doesn’t want to have physical contact even if he walks next to me or sniffs my finger. He rolls on the leaves, bark at cyclists, plays with other dogs and engages in activities. In short, he finally made the dog. The unobombar is a rock that is given a very nice thing by it because it is trying to fit in with the dynamics of this large nucleus consisting of 13 other dogs and some humans.

How was the insertion performed?

“According to my theory, so take it that way, precisely because Theodore is a” dog of the dog, “he must enter. Specific dynamics Even if he doesn’t want to. I firmly believe that there is a desire and skill to be a “boy” The cornerstone of this project Therefore, those who have the highest ranking here, he wants to enter the house for the last moment of the day. Moral? The 45 kg Maremmano that scratches the door but leaves as it approaches. If I keep the door open for him, sometimes he stays with us for a while but we don’t talk about closing it.

What does its history represent for the military?

“Unabomber represents the future of the army and the dog knows it. Everyone tries to explain something to him. For example, when he enters the house where he is and there are always some dogs lying on the dog’s sofa. At home, he is always very calm and quiet: he really thinks Evaluate what he does every timeWhich often does not happen with pets 6.

Pasqualino a lucky dog?

“There are some people who see him as a poor thing because he looks at her and think, ‘Who knows what happened to her?’ Is a sofa and the warmth of human love A crystal personOne who does not sell himself for anything, one who keeps his pack above all, one who is grateful for what has been done to him, even if it does not matter, and one who gives more of himself every day, and who knows what the future holds. “

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