Alina, who has found her smile again in Modena

Raise awareness in families about the importance of good practice for the development of children, to positively impact the family learning environment and to help prevent educational and socio-economic inequality and poverty. This is the main objective of Un Villaggio per Crescere, a project proposed and coordinated by the National Center for Child Health, and which is part of the “Rural Growth” project, co-funded by the social enterprise “Con I” Bambini and the Human Safety Net. – Future Hour Program.

In Modena, the village began at the Portobello Social Emporium, thanks to the cooperation of local partners Porta Aperta, the Future Association and the Cultural Association of Pediatrician Emilia Romagna, has become part of a network of about 30 offices in Italy and has established itself. The only site that feels coordinated with a solidarity emporium activity, thus forming itself as a pilot project in this case.

“Since the beginning of the project, from last July to today, Modena has counted the enrollment of 80 families for a total of about 150 children in Un Vilagio par Crasser,” he explained. Paolo NegroCoordinator Portobello – There are at least twenty families that we see at regular intervals.

In recent weeks, due to the war in Ukraine, the number is increasing: in fact, there are about 300 Ukrainian refugee families to whom Portobello (moderated by the Porta Aperta Association of Modena) distributes food on a daily basis, a number added to general store users that, Since then, it has reached thousands of families.

Most Ukrainian refugee families entering the store are also made up of children who, in turn, enter the village: িতে In recent weeks, the term “meeting” has taken on a different meaning here, even stronger and more intense. This word, which in our opinion is a feeling, naturally expresses – say academics Alyssa Leoni And Erica Magnani – The war in Ukraine is changing the lives of all of us, and we are learning with information what it means to welcome, to make ourselves available, to share, to meet and to meet. Portobello does this every day and this is what we do in the village of Modena, meeting many new little friends who have recently joined our group and giving them a few hours of leisure time. Very intense and provocative situations have been created, fears and embarrassments have been overcome, laughter has erupted which we did not expect. We’ve seen adults and children play together, seen each other strengthen, and we’ve seen so many wonderful faces discovering that you can have fun with even the simplest and most common object, in spite of everything. Among them is sweet Alina, a six-year-old Ukrainian refugee girl who came to Modena with her family: the other day she was about to draw and paint when suddenly we see her lift her head from the sheet. Huge smile: Here, this week was the biggest joy!

So, food not only for the body, but also for the mind: the recipients of the project are children aged 0 to 6 years and their families, who come to Portobello. Economically fragile families who benefit from food assistance from the store but also benefit from other types of assistance, such as in the case of educational and related assistance provided by the village. “Families that come to us not only with economic hardship but also with the underlying issues of daily life, who have difficulties, for example, with the owner of the apartment where they live or with their children’s teachers – Leonie and Magnani say – ask us how to get to the city. For information about her, such as references to access to public housing or their older children, siblings of children entering the village, who may have dyslexia or other problems that are highlighted here, discuss with us the school, which appropriate services should be contacted. To understand that “

The nationalities of the families who enter the village of Modena are the most diverse: Ukrainian (increased in recent weeks), Moldovan, Moroccan, Pakistani, Italian most prevalent.

Among them is Elena, a Ukrainian mother who has lived in Modena for a long time and who visits Crescero un Villazio every week with her five-year-old daughter Anastasia: But due to the epidemic, the work has slowed down and it has not been possible to continue. Since, at the moment, only my husband works in the family, I contacted the social services who directed me to the Portobello Social Emporium where I met the village. This is a special place for me, where you can spend a few anxious hours in this awful moment.

Elena has a brother who lives in Ukraine and these weeks are really hard for her and her family. “My husband is also of Ukrainian descent and we’ve lived in Modena for 21 years. Anastasia’s birth was a miracle for us – Elena smiled – when I saw her in the village that other kids were constantly drawing and playing with her. Together, I feel good. She is happy to meet the village head, and so am I. “

An open space in the general store is set up where, with the help of specially trained operators and volunteers, proven effectiveness activities are conducted for the development of the child and the relationship with the adults. The goal is to provide families with ideas, hints, and useful materials that are in line with the principle of reproducing family activities.Early childhood development – Ecd and good habits “since childhood”. Parents and children spend quality time together reading, musical experience, play, shared use of conscious and digital technology, and much more.

“The network created with the project partners is basic – Negro concludes – next month, in particular, we want to organize an information meeting for families on issues of training and interests of the Cultural Association of Emilia-Romagna pediatricians ভাগ share according to emerging needs.

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