ATP ranking by countries for the first four months of 2022. Italy is fifth without a final

The tennis season is about to begin: in just a few days an almost uninterrupted series of great events will begin in Madrid – including three Grand Slams and four Masters 1000s – which will open in early September with our new edition. At a time when only three of the top ten players on the men’s circuit are on the field and only one other tennis player in the top 23 of the ATP rankings (and we Italians can’t rejoice either, since none of our representatives have been to the two tournaments in Monaco and Estoril) in recent weeks. To see what happened.

Indeed, with the first intense four months of 2022 coming to an end, we’ve had a huge two-fifths of the tennis season and already a lot of reactions from tennis rectangles around the world: we thought an interesting way to recreate what happened Can They are with us Analyzes the top 100 players in the race, indicating the number of games won this year at the ATP level for each And reporting reached any qualification and / or final. We’ve rearranged all of this data, as mentioned, to the nations they belong to and – so as not to be too scattered – we’ve only focused on the tennis movement whose delegates have collected at least 1000 points in total or reached at least one ATP final. For fun, then, considering the points they get, we’ve prepared a ranking.

Race Players in this week’s Top 100 ATP Race (number of games won at ATP level in 2022) Points Won the tournament Achieved in the final
Spain Nadal (20), Alcaraz (23), Batista (16), Carino (15), Davidovich (9), Martinez (13), Ramos (10), Munnar (10), Anduzar (7), Verdasco (3). 10348 1 Grand Slam – 1 Masters 1000 – 3 ATP 500 – 4 ATP 250 1 Masters 1000 – 1 ATP Cup – 1 ATP 500
America Fritz (20), Opelka (17), Paul (15), Cressy (9), Isner (9), Brooksby (9), Tiafo (8), McDonald (10), Korda (10), Wolf (4), Kudla (3), Kozlov (4), Mamoh (1), Johnson (7), Giron (6) 7284 1 Masters 1000 – 2 ATP 250 4 ATP 250
Russia Medvedev (16), Rublev (23), Khachanov (12), Karatsev (8), Safiulin (6), Kotov (1). 5199 1 ATP 500 – 3ATP 250 1 Grand Slam – 1 ATP 250
Argentina Schwartzman (19), Cerundlo (10), Boyce (10), Korea (10), Eschery (1), Cachin (0), Londaro (4), Delbonis (7) 3846 1 ATP 500 – 2 ATP 250
Italy Cinar (19), Beretini (9), Fognini (11), Sonego (10), Museti (11), Nardi 3412
Canada Auger-Aliassime (18), Shapovalov (12), Pospisil (2) 2977 ATP Cup – 1 ATP 500 1 ATP 250
Greece Sitsipas (24) 2530 1 Masters 1000 1 ATP 500
Great Britain Norie (17), Evans (9), Murray (10), Draper (1) 2332 1 ATP 250 1 ATP 500 – 1 ATP 250
France Monfils (11), Rinderconch (12), Hallis (1), Mannarino (10), Bonji (8) 2205 1 ATP 250
Australia De Minaur (15), Kokinakis (12), Kyrgios (9), O’Connell (2), Vukik (4) 2149 1 ATP 250
Germany Zverev (17), Ote (6), Altmeyer (3) 1713 1 ATP 250
Serbia Kekmanovich (20), Zere (9), Krajinovich (8), Djokovic (5) 1585 1 ATP 250
Poland Hurkaj (17), Mazcharjak (9) 1317
Norway Rud (16) 1200 1 ATP 250 1 Masters 1000
Czech Republic Vesel ((5), Leheka (4), Machak (3) 1130 1 ATP 500
Portugal Susa (6), Borges (1) 755 1 ATP 250
Chile Tabilo (10), Garin (6) 696 1 ATP 250
Belgium Guffin (13) 475 1 ATP 250
Slovakia Molkan (10) 453 1 ATP 250
Kazakhstan Bublik (12) 450 1 ATP 250
Finland Rusubhuri (15) 446 1 ATP 250
Georgia Basilashvili (3) 225 1 ATP 250

Clearly, our ranking sees the nation at the top, especially in the last twenty-five years – for the quantity and quality of its actors – the ATP Circuit, one of the great heroes of Spain. The Iberian men’s movement has ten of its representatives in the top 100 of the race this week, and with the older and newer generations, represented by two elements of Nadal and Alcaraz’s power, two of the three tennis players who have done well this season. The Australian Open, the Masters 1000 in Miami, three ATP 500s and four ATP 250s were won by players born and raised in Spain in 2022.: Nine titles, with three finals to be added (including one in the ATP Cup, played without two strong representatives). Not surprisingly, the best Spanish tennis players are 3000 points ahead of their American counterparts, second for total points and first for the total 100 delegates in the race’s top 100, like 15 (although no more than five in the top 50, and Fritz alone in the top 15). Among people). Thanks to the California tennis player, who won the Masters 1000 game in Indian Wells, Sitsipus is the only non-Spanish player to have won one of the most important tournaments already played in this 2022. Opelkar’s contribution is significant for the second-ranked American: with two ATP 250 titles (indoor hard in Dallas and on Houston grounds) and one final (losing at Delre Beach), he extended the trophy cabinet won by star and strip tennis players in 2022.

Returning to ATP No. 5, Sitsipas, as the tennis player behind Nadal, has collected the most points on the circuit in the last four months, as can be seen from our table, he has won the most games. ever, 24, is followed in this sense by Alcaraz and Rublev, who have brought in a lower house (the only other tennis players to have won at least twenty matches so far are Nadal, Kekmanovich and Fritz).

Especially at No. 1, he has played only four tournaments this year Italy also performed well from January to April, although it is not one of the 21 countries to reach at least one final with its representatives in 2022.. Thanks to the results obtained by Cena, Beretini, Fognini, Sonego and Musetti, Italy ranks fifth in our special rankings, both for the number of games won and the points collected (always considering only the results of the top 100 players).

After our country in the rankings we have created, we still have ATP Cup winning team, young Shapovalov and Agar-Aliassim in Canada, among the top ten players for 2022 results and both professional athletes are still wide apart. Progress is a movement without a great tradition – which has so far created great doublelers like Nestor and former No. 3 ATP Raonic, regardless of Rousseau who played for Great Britain, in the case of men – the rankings also show how it is already a globally important reality.

Also ruthless appeared from our table The moment of great difficulty faced by the French tennis movement, Traditionally accustomed to being at the top in both cases for quality and above all for the quantity of its actors. He is currently only ninth for overall points in 2022, the only (and saddest) satisfaction to reach Adelaide’s Rindconch final. However, the considerations that can be taken from these statistics we collect are different: we leave room for your readers, if you will, to offer others.

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