Blog: Shall we bet? V bet with a new way to win …

After celebrating Easter in the best way with the tourist holiday, I took up the subject of sports betting.

So, since I was ready to rejoice and celebrate my abilities, for the “possible victory” obtained by following our advice, many predictions were proposed, well, now I can not only help but also point out the opposite situation. Three of the eight predictions proposed for the Easter round of the championship have been proven wrong and therefore could lead to a potential economic loss, never welcome. The occasion is equally effective for reviewing ideas already exposed.
It’s easier to lose than to win, I think it’s clear to everyone, that the number of games has to be controlled and the money allocated for the game is fundamental, because it draws boundaries. Having a “fun” is well divided by the risk of becoming a dangerous addict.
Fortune Factor is also an invisible travel companion whose company is always welcome. The latest arrangement proposed is a clear demonstration of this. Eight matches have been chosen from the offer of at least 70 matches, because I have focused on the best known leagues, otherwise they could be at least ten times more, They presented the damage very well known by the Betters, but it was certainly not Juventus, moreover with very little adversity, it could be worrisome. But it’s football and anyone who pays special attention to every little detail will notice that it was a weekend full of surprises. Tottenham who lost at home, such as Lila, Sampdoria who surrendered to Salernitana, but Osasuna also won in Valencia.

By choosing Juventus, who were able to strengthen their fourth place stand in the home match against Bologna, I thought I had avoided saying “sports trap”, completely wrong. Even the referee did not come to my aid, with the Bologna team doubling out in the 84th minute, reaching 95th minute without coach Mihazlovich, the end of a match that ended in a draw, the result was even more generous, the team’s coach was Mr. Allegri. A draw that compromises the first two bets, where the remaining predictions, three and five, are fulfilled.

This detailed introduction helps me to demonstrate An alternative to the game that I have revealed in the previous two episodes. Instead of relying on four teams, then adding two and two more, trying to guess eight, always relying on the same game, It can be proposed with a system that can predict success even in the face of erroneous predictions.
I try to be more specific.
Eight more matches, but there is a chance of winning even in the face of mistakes, zero, one or two. The development of the system means 1 bet for zero error, 7 for one error and 28 for two, for a total of 36 columns, which you play for 50 cents, costs 18 euros, but you can play less. This method of betting requires a different approach to the matches you choose because you need at least two adjacent adversities to guarantee a fairly advantageous win. This can be convenient for players who prefer a tie, always in the midst of very interesting adversity, but also in significant fall, or overcoming obstacles, which I have already discussed, or more than 1.5 in the first half, with a perception of at least two goals. The predictions are not easy, but carefully chosen ones can lead to two mistakes. It’s a system I recommend to those who consider themselves “lucky”, I personally like the proposal, but it allows me to tell you about the last time I played it. It was Sunday, March 4, 2018 and the sun was shining, that date is hard or almost impossible to forget and you will soon understand why. My system has progressed remarkably well in the four games on Saturday, including the Swansea win, the other four games I could have missed two with a 3.15 quoted handicap, but it is undeniable that I tasted the most wins which was just over two thousand. Walking to Zero Branco with a guided tour of the Euro Pastry Shop was a ritual we didn’t know how to escape.
And that’s where the impossible happened and everything was very clear and defined. Crossing the street, pushing our “old dog” in a wheelchair, now unable to walk, the blackest cat in the whole area has bitten me and unable to avoid this horrible situation, I complained to my wife about what happened and her reply: “But are you this crap? Don’t believe it? ” Thanks to my faint hope.
As we enter the pastry shop and the dramatic news reaches us, the death of David Astori, the player and captain of Fiorentina, who will play in Udine and, in combination? That was part of my bet.
There were three games left and logically I missed two, still won ninety euros, But all my dislikes towards black cats have been strengthened and I have returned to play in the manner described.

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