Dog Food Delivery Reaches, Startup Dog Heroes Rises 446%

Fresh personalized dog food that is prepared to be served weekly at home: seen from the perspective of another time and perhaps a person in the countryside, for whom the dog is an animal for the watchman and the food he touches is the rest of the day, it seems almost crazy. Yet it can become a natural, even a necessity, for the people of the city, the desire for normalcy (and the need for pet therapy) and the busy life that compels them to choose baby food made for cooking, why not, even for the favorite Fedora. One more reason for the favorite Fedora, as a proper canine diet radically changes our longevity, health, and even our relationship with the dog.

Anyone who has a dog knows this very well: pop, kibble, ice diet, eating habits, allergies are the main issues in dealing with owners. Go. The other is the veterinarian, who is divided into two streams of thought: feeding only kibbutz and always the same, and feeding at home, which, though not the ‘rest’, is something specially prepared.

Doug Heroes has thought of everything, including veterinarians available online on the platform for advice.

“The average lifespan of a dog is about 10-13 years, but veterinary studies show how a balanced and natural home diet can increase life expectancy by about 3 years – Pierre Luigi Consolandi and Marco Lagana, founders of the startup, explained in a press release.. – During his life, the needs of the dog inevitably change, as well as the owner. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve the whole experience, not just our recipes, thanks to technology. Dogs Heroes It further adapts to the needs of each individual dog in every moment of his life and at the same time provides the owner with additional tools that help him to keep the well-being of his four-legged friend always high. “

Dogs HeroesWhich currently operates in the city of Milan, has received ‘Canine’ clients serving 5,000 dogs in 24 months, Its annual turnover is increasing by 446%. Now he wants to expand its range Thanks to the help of veterinarians and technology experts, since she was a puppy, products and services have been customized to suit the needs of individual dogs at every moment of her life.

One of the services that is being strengthened is the “digital” veterinarian, thanks to the expansion of the network of professionals available for consultation and the creation of a way to monitor and monitor the puppy’s growth during the full development phase. All by capable technical platform. In addition, in the future, there are plans to introduce the gods on the platform – through partnerships Complementary serviceSuch insurance packages, even this “suitable” for your dog, or a community Dogs Certified sitters.

“After 24 months of experience with dogs of all sizes and breeds, we have decided to invest more in the product, – also open. Our first laboratory of 1000 sqm – We chose to refine the recipes to make them more rich and tasty and to meet the nutritional needs of the puppies. Thanks to constant communication with the owner, we are among the first to suggest the possibility of having a homemade diet in your dog’s bowl from the third month of age: In fact, we monitor the dog’s growth on a monthly basis by monitoring progress. And reviewing the daily portions according to the stage of development – Still founder comments – This is the most important step for us New methods for feeding dogs Which combines both the quality of the product and the importance of the part made by the tailor. It is essential to stay with the dog throughout the growth period and adapt to its habits and lifestyle, such as physical activity, disinfection, age, weight, breed and other conditions that may affect daily caloric requirements and, if not monitored, are favorable. Maybe. The onset of pathology associated with overweight. “

Pet food, an expanding market

According to Euromonitor, Italian pets outnumber its own inhabitants by 60 to 62 million.

And as a result, the whole economy that revolves around it grows and expands, starting with dog food, the value of which (like humans) depends on the quality and location of the product in a very wide range: here we find sustainable, organic, vegan, Made in Italy, natural, gluten-free, mono-protein foods, special diets, etc.

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In 2021, the dog and cat food market in Italy reached a turnover of 2,431 million euros, an increase of 8 percent. Traditional channels, especially shopping in supermarkets, are still popular, but are also growing online.

Doug Heroes fits this area with a price offer that focuses on animal welfare, personalization and ultimately the owner and dog user experience.

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