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From Elizabeth Andres

At least 400 teachers will be needed, but no one responds to community requests. Five facilities closed in 2021, three more in the first month of 2022. Waves of youth anger, we can’t stand the impact

Adolescents lead deviationsThere is an urgent need for a strong educational initiative in the region. But offensively, at the moment, there is a shortage of educators. The unavailable Lombardy will require at least four hundred. He did not respond to requests for comment from staff. The result: closed socio-educational structures for minors. Last year five communities pulled the wire on the boat and in the first month of 2022 there are already three. Now there is another reality of Arimo Social Co-operative and the possibility of Cassar being added to a list at La Grande.

Social reintegration at risk

The complex situation, especially within the very few structures that systematically welcome children out of the criminal circuit, he warns. Silvio Premoli, Catholic lecturer and municipal guarantor for the rights of children and adolescents. Dozens of teenagers arrested They are sent back home while waiting for a placement that may take several months. Waiting times have doubled in the last two years and this increases the risk of re-infection, he noted Paolo Tartaglion, President of Arimo, and the Lombardy Reception Community Coordinating Person for Childhood, Adolescence, and Family (Cnca). In other cases, due to lack of space, children are moved to Emilia, Piedmont or even further away, which makes social reunification more difficult at the end of the course.

Uncertain life

But why have educators declined so drastically? Reasons to influence from three macro-themes can be found. The first point is the often uncertain and poorly paid contractAnd a cat chases its own tail. In Milan, the municipality will increase the public contribution fee to 93 euros per day from JulyBut still insufficient – he mentioned Liviana Marelli, National Executive Member of the CNCA and President of the Casa Cooperative in La Grande -. To maintain a minimum standard of care and to adequately pay teachers, it should be around 120 euros, considering the high management costs of children in the community.

Bachelor of Education

The second point, the legal constraints that communities are forced to employ only graduates in education science. The number of graduates (320 and 430 at the universities of Catholica and Bikova, respectively) is already far below the need. And the prospect of moving to a school with competition and madness (availability) gave Coup de Grace: Hundreds of community workers have gone to primary, secondary and high schools for services: The only solution would be a regional humiliation that would allow for the hiring of operators with varying degrees, Tartaglion estimates. Third, educators are inspired. The growing charge of teenage anger brings their work to its knees, also thanks to a hostile and depressing narrative that sees these boys as a single scary pack – note Simon Federer of Pavia Youth House -. It is impossible to endure such a strong discomfort shock wave without excellent experience on the field. In education science, very few hours of training are given in the community.

After school in Al’s yard

For Don Claudio Burgio, Chaplain of Bakeria Prison and liaison for the Cairns community, Quotas for operators who had a difficult past should be introduced by law: Maybe former guests from the same community or even elders from prison who have made honest paths and know how to hold boys. They will turn out to be trustworthy adults. Per Sun CiroWhere very active priests, have just introduced them Neighborhood ABC project Luisa Zeka, Professor of Bikocar and Melissa Medico, Professor of Bokoni, alternately specializes in the area. And start them today Campaign Mass financing To fund the school program after a street style on the production Dal ড Baso platform Led by academics in the backyard of public housing. Finally, make a general application Municipal Councilor for Social Policy Lamberto Bertel: Educationist – he says – not a Series B job, just the opposite. Valuable and strictly necessary for this city.

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