The Caesar.

April 28 is the Dog Festival, an event chosen to commemorate a turning point in the rescue of thousands of Green Hill Beagle dogs scheduled for animal testing.

The National Animal Protection Agency was a civic group in the Green Hill trial that found the top management guilty by the Supreme Court. Today, ten years later, we are still celebrating the date that includes what it means to abuse an animal and include: marking a groundbreaking change in society’s perception of a crime. To do this, Enpa chooses to talk about dog welfare starting from simple things that most people who have dogs at home probably already know but often forget to put into practice, thanks to the frequent rush and daily promises. With the help of Westi, the mega director of Amici Cucciolotti, Enpa has created a video Vedemecam that focuses on the basics of animal welfare: the importance of sleep, a rewarding walk for our four-legged friend, the centrality of the game. , And how to better understand their needs and improve our relationship with them a few more times with our dog paws.

The importance of sleep

Dogs spend about a third of their lives asleep. And just like us, the quality and duration of sleep affects health and mental-physical well-being. “Too often – Mayor Levy, the NPA veterinarian – we forget the importance of sleep for our four-legged friends. At rest the animals vary according to species, age and size. On average, an adult dog usually sleeps about 14 hours, an adult dog sleeps about 18 hours while a puppy sleeps even 20 hours a day. Good sleep allows our four-legged friends to fully regain their energy, allow the body to function properly, relieve stress and fatigue, and even affect the animal’s good mood. “It is important to learn how to protect our animals’ sleep. The dog’s favorite place to sleep is away from the draft, away from cold or heat. We can tell that our pets like to sleep in shady places or in bright places. It is very important to never disturb the sleeping dog. To teach our children that when our pet is sleeping we have to leave him alone. On the other hand, who wants to wake up in the middle of sleep? We guarantee an ideal comfort zone for our four-legged friend to sleep in, in a place of shelter as it may be under a table or behind a sofa.


Walking, for the dog, is a basic need and not only helps him to meet the requirements but also meets their needs for knowledge, socialization, exploration, cognitive development and psychological balance. For her, even though she has already traveled the road 100 times, each day is still different and giving her time to sniff around allows her to explore and discover the most important information for her. While walking, the dog relaxes and calms down, focuses on the smell, strengthens the relationship with us, gives experience. Do we remember that we are in a hurry and do not look at the mobile phone while walking with him?

The game is important!

Play is an important time for dogs of all ages, not just puppies. Dedicating a portion of our day to playing with our dog should be a good daily habit for us. Through play we strengthen our friendship with him and so it is important for our dog to have maximum attention. The ideal is the option of 2 minutes of play with a few more minutes of rest. That way he will be more available to follow and listen to us. The game is an essential educational moment that combines fun with body knowledge and respect for rules