“It has a settlement element soon”

Montecarro – “Silence first, then a wail lasting a few seconds”. Speaking of Simon Gracie’s mother, Andrea Rabsiok’s boyfriend and sole investigator for the abduction. The woman, in recent days, was contacted by telephone from an unknown number. Just silence on the side of the phone, then sigh. The woman received the call in the middle of the day – lawyer Emanuel Giuliani explained – initially she thought it was an advertising agency number because she had answered a similar call a while ago. Then the connection is disconnected 6. Investigators have been alerted to the matter and necessary investigations are underway.The user will not be visible in any telephone directory and it is impossible to trace using the search engine.

Andrea research, where are we?

Meanwhile, the search for the girl continues. Following the suspension of the investigation at the farmhouse by Montecarottese, the intelligence agency, led by Andrea Ariola, is conducting other important investigative activities. Andrea, however, seems to have disappeared into thin air. At the same time, IT consultant Luka Russo is sifting through 5 seized smartphones in search of useful material for investigation. The truth about Andrea and her disappearance will be hidden in those devices. Ariola himself confirmed this: “We are moving forward with a non-recurring investigation and we are confident that we will have some conclusions soon. This is a complex task that requires time and patience. “My team is currently working in the area to find useful information on the network around the girl. We are rebuilding her relationship, trying to understand who she contacted last time.” Which has resulted in unfortunately no evidence regarding the philosophy of Milan, Rome and Ancona. In early April, in the town of Milanese, a woman allegedly saw a girl like Andrey while walking in the Cadorna station area. In her story, the girl was still wearing a pink hat with cat ears (the same as when Andrea was missing) and had a blue hat on her hair, like a 27-year-old Romanian.

Simon and party after getting his driving license

Simon Gracie We know we are the only suspects in Andre’s disappearance. We’ve said a lot about him: annoying social posts against his girlfriend, “kidnapping” cellphones and backups before going to bed. In our eyes, especially during interviews in the days that followed, he always showed a seemingly calm, almost an isolation, everyone was very sure that Andrea was OK and nothing happened to her. We spoke again with his lawyer about this: “The calmness he always showed – lawyer Giuliani explained – is the result of the peace of those who know they have done nothing wrong. Talked to us. There’s more. On Sunday, after Andrea’s mother and her partner reported missing, she went to Valentino’s house alone (Aurora’s boyfriend, the girl at the party, Eddie) to see if Andrea was hiding in that apartment. ” One evening, Francesco, Aurora, and Andrei were together to celebrate the driver’s license: “They met because the day before my client got a truck driver’s license and was very happy. That’s why he wanted to celebrate late into the night with his girlfriend and friends.

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