Milan Comics and Games, Spring Pop Event Double!

Two Exciting Live concert Sunday 1st May For lovers Cartoon acronym.

L.With appointment The Manga boysThe official singer of the Italian acronym Digimon And with Stephen Bersola, Also known by its pseudonym Stef B, Composer and Interpreters, in many successes, Its short form The girl looms Of Location, City Hunter And Super Wings. Popular actors have given voices together Peter Ubaldi Stephen Will bring Milan on stage Comics and games Live anime One Show – Concert Unique, Dedicated to the world Cartoons He was born Animation movies, Yesterday and today.


From the first version The Cosplay There is The game A leading role in the event. In Milan Comics andGames Hopefully Thousands Cosplayer And The name of the loanHygiene Of the community TheTalian And international: Dani de Foca, Julia LokiAlberta Avanji, Lori Croft, Sarah Severe, Ferry Lulabi, Guidita Sartori, Request run And Janet Incosplay Who will sit on the expected jury Competition Cosplay Scheduled for Sunday 1st May.

Fandom and pop culture

In Milan Comics and games Find a place The fandom More incredible!

KST – Kpop Show time. A Dance space Dance and sing to K-POP music, with world events of the moment Sailors Dance cover, guest, K-pop themed flea market and a double Competition Dance

The killer Religion. Dedicated assembly Per The killer Religion, Ubisoft videogame saga was born in 2007, which became famous Also Thanks to the different historical context where the episodes are set. A fantasy universe consisting of major video games, spin-offs, short films, books And Other projects Transmedia.

Genshin Effect. Assembly Players Of action RPG Set in the universe of imagination, Exclude As a mysterious traveler in search Lost brother / sister in a mysterious incident.

Total Combat Wrestling. Total Combat Wrestling Born in Milan in 2006, he is known for his quirky character and high level of adrenalineIts own alinico Hardcore match. With format Custom Mazzate I broadcast New ReteBrescia And This is the channel. TCW Champion Yes Have to pay War In the ring And will provide anecdotes And Its privacy Wrestling


at circuit events There is always one Place For The most favorite and important voice actor Of Italian Panorama. They will The main character Interviews and entertainment On stage From Saturday April 30 And inside Conference And Greetings To take pictures, SelfieDedication and collection of autographs.

Peter Ubaldi. Special guest In this version, Peter Ubaldi Is A myth for dubbing movies, cartoons, anime and video games. Throughout his long career There is Gave voice DoraemonFrom Patrick Stella SpongeBobGeoffrey Rush / Hector Barbosa Pirates of the Caribbean and Jeremy Clarkson Very popular BBC program Top gear.

Simon Lupinachi. The voices of the heroes of the anime Dell Moment, co IzukuDecuMidoria E from “My Hero Academy” Lie down Inferiority From “Haiku!! Its ace VolleyballWorks in the most important recording studio to give voice to various characters from movies, TV series, cartoons and documentaries. As well as Official Speaker Of international brands.

Federico Viola. V.oce Of Marvel movie hero Shang WHO, Is Katsuki Bakugau Inside My Hero Academy, Vulcan Inn Fire Say Tame By BEASTARS, Ichigo Kurosaki Amazon Prime videos and many video games: Cyberpunk 2077’s hero V, Ajay Cheeks In the distance Crying 4, And Ever Inside The killer Religion Well done.

Analisa Longo. Its voice is actress Jayah From the league LegendFrom Secondaryu Mineta “My Hero Academy”, Nagisa ShiotPer From “Assassination Classroom“, Alice D. L.Serre’s co-star The killer Religion Unity, Lev From the “end Us Part 2 “and Misty From “Cyberpunk 2077”.

Alyssa Giorgio. Maki’s voice Oz Inside “Fire Force “, baby Five Inside “One Pieces“, From Cuckoo Shiva Inside “Bleach“, By Alexandra Trace Inside “Trace“, From LC Crimson “Edens Zero “. L‘You’ve heard it in film and on television, for the beautiful Megan Fox in the film The villain When high-risk missions Netflix Lending voice Healed Vargas Series “Vis a Vis

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