“Once Upon a Time”, from Laura Morante to Raul Bova: Italian Actresses and Actors Read Fairy Tales to Young Child Patients in Italy


The Sanktis Foundation, in collaboration with AOPI (Association of Italian Pediatric Hospitals), once presented: Favorite Italian actresses and actors read fairy tales to young patients in Rome, Florence, Genoa, Naples and children’s hospitals. Trieste. With their voices and their mouths they will captivate young patients by telling classic fairy tales, with which they themselves were associated when they were children. The purpose of the project, simple but valuable, is to provide relief to hospitalized children in the pediatric ward, to give them leisure time and to share through literature. The initiative marks the end of the celebration of World Child Rights Day, scheduled for November 20, but has since been postponed due to Covid-related reasons. The festivities begin on April 29, at 11 a.m. at Bambino Gesu ডি de Roma, with Raউলl Bova, Paolo Calabresi, Cristiana Capotondi, Matilda de Angelis, Giorgio Pasotti, Pif and Benedetta Porcroli. The actors will read fairy tales in different departments and locations of the hospital. The opening day will be attended by the President of the Foundation, Francesco de Sanctis – the initiator of the initiative – Alberto Janobini, the President of the Italian Pediatric Hospital Association and Marila Enok, President of the Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital. It will run until May 6 6 in the mayor of Florence; May 13 at the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Genoa; May 20 in Santo Bono-Pacificon, Naples, and May 27 in IRCCS, Mother and Child Burlo Garoflo, Trieste. “Review – the foundation’s president, Francesco de Sanctis explained – was made for Italian children, but for the youngest and weakest children. We can’t fail to reach out to the people. “In such a dark time, we are proud to bring this initiative, designed around the children of the Italian Children’s Hospital, to have a cultural presence at the center for them – comments Alberto Janobini, President and General Manager of the Italian Pediatric Hospital Association. Mayor Florence’s Pediatric Hospital – an exhibition on the denial of the right to health in accordance with a global policy of care: through the voices of great actors, escape into the world of fairy tales and we know how important and therapeutic it is. “” Read a Story – Bambino Gesu Pediatric The mother of the president of the hospital Rila underlines Enoch – it’s a gesture of love. A story gives children a chance to feel their emotions, to know their emotions, to overcome their fears. For this I would like to thank the De Sanctis Foundation, AOPI and all the artists who wanted to make this project possible for the children who are facing this difficult path of the disease. ” May: It applies to all children but it is more important for hospitalized children It is a moment of escape and support for the development of his cognitive and mental abilities: it not only helps him in linguistic literacy but also helps him to broaden and overcome the fears that may arouse or spread the disease. Reading a story in person – and by a professional actor – can present a more complex experience for our younger patients, who will be able to identify more easily with character and plot. Many thanks to AOPI, the De Sanctis Foundation, and to all the actresses and actors who have given birth to this project, ”said Giannina Gaslini, Director General of Maternal and Child Development, IRCCS, Renato Botti, Genoa. “There is nothing like a fairy tale that represents, stimulates and transforms children’s unconsciousness. In the case of sick children, fairy tales and word spreads are helpful enough for health care. Thanks to the De Sanctis Foundation and thanks to the actresses and actors who will give voice to the characters, we will have this joy and this gift, which I hope will make a growing and lasting contribution to the work of doctors. We, the children in infancy, will be there to widen our eyes, to renew the eternal wonder of childhood in us. ” Fairy tales let children fly into the world of imagination and let us see in their eyes a lost world of emotions and serenity that we all want to rediscover. . Thanks to the De Sanctis Foundation, AOPI and all the actors and actresses for this great initiative. ” Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, Cicada and the Ants, The Little Mermaid and all the other fairy tales from the children’s literature tradition will be explained in short live stories or videos. The actors-actresses will try to enchant the kids with their talents, travel with their hands to make them passionate about the story, thus feeding their imagination and offering a moment of escape and affection. Raউলl Bova, Paolo Calabrasi, Cristiana Capotondi, Matilda de Angelis, Giorgio Pasotti, Piff, Benedetta Porcroli will be speaking at the Child Jesus in Rome on April 29. On May 6, Mariana Fontana, Francesca Inaudi, Miriam Leon, Neri Marco will speak at the Mayer in Florence. May 13 in Gasolini, Genoa: Donatella Finochiro. Naples, Santo Bono 20 May: Laura Morante. Trieste, Burlo Garofalo May 27: Paolo Brigiglia, Francesco Montaneri, Filippo Negro Favole. The stories in the video will be read by Valerio Apria, Alessio Bonnie, Stefano Fresi, Claudia Guerini, Francesco Panofino, Alessandro Pregiocci, Alba Rohrwacher, Pietro Cermonti, Valeria Solarino, Geppo Show and Ignazo.


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