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From Pierre Luigi Panja

In Milan, on the eve of the 78th season of the musical afternoon, the municipality-area meeting to resolve the issue in Dal Verme. In addition to the fees, Palazzo would like to ask the Marino Orchestra to arrange for any major reforms.

Thursday, May 5 At the Dal Verme Theater, the Orchestra de Pomerigi will musically perform the summer concert and the 78th season.. First, however, a general appointment was made between the leaders of the afternoon and the cultural councilors of the municipality of Milan, Tomaso Sacchi and Stefano Bruno Galli of the Lombardy region. Dalworm belongs to the municipality and the Metropolitan City and has been operating since 2001 – the year of its reopening – by the I Pomeriggi Musicali Foundation. In 1981 the municipality and the province purchased the theater for the Rai Orchestra, which abandoned it before entering. Municipalities and provinces have funded, with 23 billion lire, recovery and It was inaugurated by Pomerigi on April 5, 2001, with a week-long concert. Among those closest to the afternoon was Filippo del Corno, Milan’s former culture councilor.


But now The municipality, which is one of the founding members of Pomerigi Musical, has decided not to give away the Dal Verme Theater for free.. Although the regional division is not excluded from the orchestra, as it plays the role of regional orchestra for the opera-symphonic season in the theaters of the provincial capitals (Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, the opera seasons of the Mantuar theaters) and the Pavilia to Caviabe, Ivon Ask for rent in the afternoon. Something like this in Lyrico and Archimboldi with private operators. The Musical Afternoons is a foundation founded by the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, the provinces and private organizations., Recognized as a concert-orchestral institution and as the primary company for music production by the Lombardy region. In addition to the rent, the municipality would like to talk about any exceptional reforms. If not a hit, of course a nice burden for the afternoon, the only ones who have continued to make music even during the Kovid period.

History of the Orchestra

On November 27, 1945, the orchestra de Pomerigi made its musical debut at the Tetro Nuvo in Milan with Mozart and Beethoven, along with Stravinsky and Prokovov. In the post-war period, in full swing, the theater impressario Remizio Paone and music critic Ferdinando Ballo launched this new line-up with a relevant project: Give the city a solid classical museum and a chamber orchestra with a career for contemporaries. For the afternoon they composed Cassella, Dallapicola, Gian Francesco Malpeiro, Pizzetti and Respighi. Today they rely on a vast repertoire, including masterpieces of baroque, classicism and early romanticism, and mostly modern and contemporary music. Among the permanent conductors of the orchestra we remember Nino Sanjogno, first, Gianluigi Gelmetti, Giampiero Taverna and Othmar Maga, Milanese Daniel Gutti, Aldo Secato and Antonello Manacorda.


Meanwhile, for the series story without words, For the violin and orchestra at Dal Verme Concerto No. 5 tomorrow afternoon, Serenata will perform at Mozart’s Wind n.10 Gran Party (Conductor: Alessandro Bonato; violin: Gennaro Cardaropoli). The concert hosted a Turkish episode, culminating in the ballet The Gelsis of the Serglio, with a performance by Lucio Seeler at the Tetro Regio Ducale in Milan on December 26, 1772. Fifty years later, Milon comes to him for rent.

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