Scouts of Genzano and Albano at the front line for the war in Ukraine, welcoming refugees

After the decision of the boys of the Wankantaka clan of the group Scout Albalanga The practical welcome began with the invitation to a mini-camp in April for the 1st Federscout, to be an active part in helping refugees from the war in Ukraine. VitalicIn March, the 18-year-old, who had only been able to travel through Europe for a few days, arrived in Italy and arrived at a community held in Castel Gandolfo, a few hundred meters from the headquarters. Albano Scout.

“From 22nd to 25th April, on the occasion of St. George’s – says Maeva, of Vailati High SchoolEntered
The company was scheduled for a few months, after the Sauce school camp – a four-day outing in Reggio Calabria, where a nautical scout group like ours would be hosted by the boys of Clan Nadir, with whom we would do a camp. This summer in Salina, with our brothers in the Aeolian Islands, sailing activities, citasian and sea turtle rescue in Flicudi. After a meeting with the head of the refugee center at Castel Gandalfo, Mrs. Lesya Vusik, Which takes care of more than 50 refugees, including many children and young people – as Libya continues – it seemed to us that the “greatest” of Ukrainian children meant what we were doing with a practical activity.

“The most complicated part of welcoming, in this special situation,” he explained Guido, Group head and 118 nurses – this is the language. We verified on our first visit to the center that refugees, vitalists and, of course, young children, could not speak any English or Italian, so we decided it was necessary. Build a bridge Between our boys and them. Field created Kosovo And Albania (One of our group’s missions to Vau DeJes is scheduled for July.) They have taught us a lot, and working in difficult situations, such as the lack of an interpreter, is something that has already happened many times. “

In addition to the 8 participants from Federscout, the welcome project got off to a good start Albano The newcomer, Vitalic, has learned, starting from Castel Gandalfo And arrives in Reggio Calabria, 8 boys from Aeolian Islands and 14 from Reggio Calabria, 4 days operational scouting in the community, sleeping in scout positions, structures and lands acquired from ‘Andrangheta’ along the long route, cooking, traveling and adventure. After visiting the ghost town of Pentidatillo, Reas Bronze, the Reggio Naval Museum and returning, discovering the Herculaneum, which was hosted entirely by the Federscout group, with the help of willing parents, using the cash desk run by Clans, , Organized themselves to deliver sleeping bags and mats Max Such as de Genjano and historical scout leaders Alexander, Roberto And Daniela Reggio’s

“Mrs. Lesya asked us to erase the memory of the war with friendship and culture – Emanuel and Flavio, 18 and 15 – finish our scout group work.
Self-financing the Troop boys, he also managed to offer refugees with the help of Erica’s firm Leoni Randolfo in “Welcome Porchetta to Italy” and this allowed us to “re-invite” to our new one. Ukrainian friends, not with the usual cold refugee / host country approach, but with a different perspective, where we friends cooperate and play with each other, without prejudice or anything else, among the “brothers”, as our founder taught before the first world. War “-.

“As a 118 operator I see accidents and I intervene every day to rescue – in conclusion Guido – and I can assure you that the group name is sent to your kids scout regardless.
Association, Catholic or general, is still one of the best things parents can give their children, only you can learn to “do”, there is no other way, and of course it is fundamental to do it with the utmost safety.

We remind you that schools like Violati de Genzano, including the SOS field, (Student Rescue Operations Team) where scouts are called upon to teach tactics and resistance, the Red Cross, Civil Protection and other operational associations such as Casselli with Green, Arco de Diana and El Pero, with dog rescue, is starting to “train” the whole class of students on what to do and how to behave in an emergency, and this is thanks to professors and principals who understand the importance of resistance, reception and volunteering, even if working in Growth and a strong personal commitment to them are involved.

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