The best betting app for basketball fans

Although football is the most popular sport in Italy, the same cannot be said of other countries in the world. In the case of basketball, for example, there are places where basketball is a sport that awakens the greatest number of fans. After all, the United States, where this discipline was born in the late nineteenth century. Then we think of the countries which, for a long time or even for a certain period of time, have been able to cope with the excessive force of them and the Stripe or almost. Perhaps the competing equivalent superiority of the states was the former Soviet Union that was able to break the American record at the 1972 and 1988 Olympic Games between the sixties and eighties, and won the world championship in 1967, 1974 and three times. 1982, as well as 14-time European champion crowned. Once it became the Russian Federation, the place could not go beyond winning a bronze at the London 2012 Olympics, second place at the 1994 and 1998 World Championships, and a victory at the 2007 European Championships. But also Lithuania and Yugoslavia, or more recently Serbia, in recent years, have been able to create a certain concern for Americans, both in the Olympics and the World Cup, which means that no matter how much money they make in the NBA, it always turns into a national team. Neither can win hands against everyone.

And indeed we have come to the present time, where the surprise is always in the corner, let’s think of France as an example that in the 2019 World Championships Popovich threw the United States or Spain, which even won the World Championship. Here, in the face of such unexpected results, the bets no longer seem so obvious. Whether it’s an Olympics, like Athens 2004 where Carlo Recalcatti won the gold medal before Manu Ginobil lost to Argentina in the Italy final, or even an NBA season, as we see, where the Lakers sink between the Eastern Conference and the Net Western Conference, The victory of one team over another, be it a national team or a club, can only be decided by the sound of a siren, unless there is a basket of victory in the middle.

After all, basketball certainly lends itself better than football to organizing matches with unpredictable results, let’s imagine how many matches have been overturned with a triple siren, much more than a goal in the nineteenth match of a football match. It would probably be a shame not to take the opportunity to reverse the score at the very last second, without leaving a bet that could win us a beautiful homemade egg. So let’s take a look at and some of the best apps and betting sites available on other portals dedicated to the world of sports and betting.

The first gambling house on which it is worth dedicating a few words is undoubtedly the British William Hill, which over the years has satisfied the desire to place bets and award countless prizes for thousands of sports fans around the world. With an immediate welcome bonus of € 15 and then a further € 200 increase as you continue the game, William Hill is a major issue for all those who want to enjoy their favorite match with the possibility of taking home a certain level of prize money. .

Another particularly popular bookmaker in Italy is the Eurobet Betting House. One of its strengths is the great variety of sports and competitions that can be bet on. Going from football to less popular sports like basketball, hockey or even table tennis. Clearly, Eurobet, like all major casinos, offers its customers a wide selection of casino games and live streaming events, not just a form of entertainment, but a real source of real-time information for those who bet even in live mode. .

SNAI is one of the bookmakers who, thanks to the welcome bonus of up to 325 euros, can be considered the richest or rather, the one who pays the most. In fact, SNAI welcome offers in addition to the first five euros, the possibility of getting up to 100% of the first deposit, especially for those who want to add and those who aim for a significant prize. Another very popular feature of this bookmaker is the details with which sports events are presented. In addition to the particularly advantageous disadvantages, in both basketball and other sports, there is the possibility of studying in detail every technical aspect of the structure that will lead to the field, observing the statistics and forecasts of experts, an all-encompassing service. For this house from a game where the great international giants have nothing to envy.

If we keep talking about the amazing welcome bonus, we can’t fail to mention Sisal, one of the most well-known and probably the most popular casinos in Italy, after all it was founded in 1946 and is still in full swing. The event, with a welcome bonus that can reach up to 350 euros, undoubtedly ranks among the casinos who pay the most for their bets, as confirmed by the 95.00% average payout that Sisal offers to its players and sports lovers.

Mentioning Planetwin365 we close this list with an improvement, probably the bookmaker with the highest welcome bonus, since with Planetwin365 we have reached a welcome sports bonus that can reach up to five hundred euros, an image that undoubtedly makes antennas stand out to many fans. Gives 6 And many new bettors. In addition to incentives for beginners, Planetwin365 offers an average payout of 95.40% and includes a wide selection of sports including general football, basketball and Formula One as well as more exclusive disciplines such as dart, cricket, water polo and e-sports.

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