The night devoted to hip hop returns to the dog

Following the great success of the first edition, Cornigliano Mon Amour and Cane returned with “Street Gorillaz 2.0”, another evening dedicated to Ligurian rap, on Saturday 30 April.

“Sollow” “Lyo” “3ayach”, “Tam the Tsar” rookies “The Tsar” himself will perform with him; Young promise following “Sesma & Nemys” and “Nil”, “Dbmc”; “Brasca”, the pink part of the evening straight from La Spezia, also part of the “Low Tsar team”; “Grave and Acido”, a pair of Ligurian interiors ready to bring their cutting and piercing style; “Vago” da Sartosa, the promise of a high level of genius rap scene; “FL Nari”, the backbone of Genoese rap as an artist and event organizer.


Sesma: Simon Culota aka Sesma
Start a freestyle garden in 2020 after learning about the reality of the link.147. After the first war in January 2021, he started writing more and his first article came out in June: “Vista Pasta”. After the first part he released 4 more pieces: “Vista Futura” “Buzz Lightyear (feat. DBMC)” “Cobalt (feat. Ally & Nemys)” and “Light” which is his last track.

Nemis: Started writing her first text in 2019 and took it even more seriously with Sesma in 2020 after learning the reality of the link.147. He has been collaborating with Sesma since the release of “Cobalto” to bring freshness and genius to the new generation of Genoa.

Nil: Has made contact with music in recent years, and especially in recent months Record my song from dbmc, so far he has recorded two singles, while two old ones can be found on youtube. To inspire him, what happens every day, the road, and the desire for revenge.

Nicolò Ettore Oliaro, aka Solo: Born in 2002, rapper and producer. Born and raised in the Sturla district, Janos soon reached urban culture thanks to his older brother who introduced him to the world of hip hop, taking him to town for the first freestyle competition. In 2018 she released her first single, Kimono Freestyle, which is on her debut album “Esse” which will be released in 2020. In 2021 he produced “Kraken” and “Birre & Barre”, Buja and Aymar’s first mixtape, former friends. Of music. Also in the same year, he produced and collaborated on numerous tracks featuring artists from his city.

Giulio Bonucci aka Leo: Born in Genoa on January 2, 2000, grew up in the state of Reykjavk. His song. In 2021 he released his first single “Viaggio” with a melodious production of his dear friend and colleague “Loser” and recently, on February 2, 2022, he made his debut on YouTube with a video of the song “Alba”. In which they float with hints of sacrifice and dedication to his music and a further step towards his sonority and acquired artistic maturity. At the moment even he doesn’t know what his next steps are for the public but music is always in the first place in his life, he can’t wait to jump further in quality and give us more innovation in study and writing.

3ayach, born Yusuf: Born in ’99 in Tunisia. He was in Italy for a year, and was in Genoa, in the Borgoratti region, where he met Lazarus. He combines his Tunisian origins with passion for hip-hop, creating a conscious and introspective rap sung entirely in Arabic. His first single, Guerrero de Nervi, was released in 2021, followed by Ochi Che Gardano in 2022.
The latest single he has released, also produced by Lodger, is called “Semper Pronto”. 3ayach has many projects and he believes in his team and his ability to do it.

Massimo Salon, aka Loser: Class 75 ‘, was born in Genoa, but at the age of 19 he began his first steps into the world of music, playing as a drummer in various local grunge rock groups in the Rapalo area. After almost 12 years of live concerts not only in Liguria, but across the national territory, she began to become passionate about rap for the birth of her son, which compelled her to listen to some pillars of Italian rap, such as Fibra, Club Dogo, Inoki Ness. And much more. Since then it has begun to introduce itself, thanks to the organization of competitions and live shows among emerging artists from all over Italy. During a break from a live concert due to an epidemic, he began trying his hand at music production. His productions include Helmi Sa৭bi’s “Luna”, Brascar’s “Cassetto”, Leo’s “Viaggio” and Effe El Nari’s album 149. He is currently working as a producer and manager on recordings for Braska, Effe el Nari, Lyo and 3ayach.

Brasca, born Giulia Serasoli: Born in La Spezia in ’98 and had a passion for music from an early age, she began to learn songs and guitar at a very young age. From the beginning he started participating in singing competitions, live evenings and festivals in and out of the area, in fact at the age of 13-14 he already had the opportunity to set foot on the Alcatraz stage in Milan a few times during a competition. . Braska was lucky enough to be able to experiment with different musical instruments, in fact for about 2 years he joined a rock band as a solo singer and a few years later he was invited to sing a gospel singer. He has always known himself in genres like Soul, Blues, R&B and Rap, which has given him life in the words that identify him. At the age of 15, after singing at numerous live events, he began to try his hand at writing, debuting with his first unpublished work at the Lunezia Awards, for which he made it to the semifinals in Rome. Brasca began her recording career by releasing the first parts with video clips on YouTube: Usain Bolt Freestyle in 2018 and GTT in 2019. She debuted in 2020 with her first single “Phase” and in March 2021 with “Corey”. 2021 Cooperation begins. LoZar (manager and producer) with whom they are currently embarking on an independent recording journey and with whom he is making his debut album. “Is it bad?”

Grave and Acidoh: Classes of ’96 and ’97, respectively, are two rappers active since 2012. They are noticed in Genoa by participating as Easy, E-Green, Jesto, Rankor, Dutch Nazari and Freestyler. Various local competitions. In 2019 they confirmed their partnership with the single “Ice Cream”, while in 2020 Acidoh’s solo album “Freedom” was released. In 2021, they released their first duet project: “Quaraptena (Don’t Work, Be an EP!)”, A 6-track EP that also boasts collaborations with Simo X.

Ricardo Bixio: aka Vago, a young emerging rapper, was born in 98 in Genoa. He developed a passion for rap from the age of 13, began practicing freestyle and even participated in battles during musical events such as Cornegliano Mon Amor. He began making a name for himself among the new generation of Xenos by publishing a series of solo and short projects. The first opportunity comes in 2019, when the track “Io e Lei ft. Cifra149 “has gone viral on the Tic Tac Platform platform, with over 100,000 videos including song lyrics counted and 13.5 streaming streamed on Spotify. Her first album, “Images”, ended with the release of .After being under contract, Vago today returned to pursue her dream of becoming a master of her art without any hindrance. Music is important to her. He continues to struggle to achieve his goals.

“Alessandro Frola” aka Ife El Nari 149 Class 1991: Born and raised in Genoa Sampiardarena, she came into the world of hip-hop at the age of 11 thanks to her blood brother who forced her to take her first steps into the world of breaking. Growing up at the age of 16 and imitating his brother, he wrote the first essay and 2 years later joined the boys around him in 2010 to form an artist group called Blazer Crew. The same crew created a revolving event and created a very strong movement to contribute to the Genoese hip hop scene, where he was a major conductor as a Master of Ceremonies (MC). In 2011 he released his first solo album “One Shot” which has 8 tracks featuring local and self-produced beats. In 2013, he joined the nocturnal movement as Mc with DJ Camo and DJ JP at Aka Caf, one of Liguria’s most important clubs, where he collected 4 disciplines of Ligurian scene interpreters once a week. In 2015, he released his second solo album, “One Kill,” which has 17 tracks featuring local and international features of the bits produced by Wiz Guy and Flexus Molen’s caliber and demos. In 2018, he contributed to the creation and presentation of one of the most important festivals of recent years, such as the G Hip Hop Festival. In 2020 he released his latest project “149” disc produced by Low Jar (Manager and Discographico) consisting of 6 tracks including Stiff and Plata caliber locale and bits produced by Low Jar, Lasve and his DJ Angioni following DJ set And on live shows for 10 years. Today she is working on some solo songs which she will release next month after a break of 2 years.

Admission reserved for Arci 2021/2022 members: In case of non-registration and subscription, it can always be done at the same evening club.

Super green pass obligation. The club will open live at 7pm and start at 8pm.

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