Twitter and Elon Musk promise more freedom. Here’s what Magley, Noble, D’Agostino and Calenda say

Maria Giovanna Magley: “Twitter will finally be free of political correctness” (by Valeria Arnoldi)

More freedom of expression on Twitter: This is Elon Musk’s promise, as soon as he buys the platform. Maria Giovanna Magley, essayist and columnist, very present on social media, what do you think?
“I have been rooting for this acquisition for over a month now. This seems like a breath of fresh air to me in the wake of the unilateral censorship and the efforts to direct them towards the socio-political upheavals of recent years. Kasturi is a liberal and has already made a statement about respecting freedom of speech which is well understood. Not surprisingly, I made a funny tweet: Trump is back, he’s waiting for you at home. Trump’s expulsion was one of the lowest points in the history of social media in recent years. “

(Maria Giovanna Magley)

Doesn’t more freedom take the risk of translating to more keyboard lines?
“Keyboard Lion is almost never censored. The allegations are political. I read very violent things that no one touches. In my social life, I have reported unknown things on Facebook and Twitter and they have said that they have not violated the standards. Political views are censored against the present, against the obligation to vaccinate and green pass in the epidemic, doubts about the official version of things “.

According to Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s relationship with China will make Twitter more pro-China.
“China doesn’t matter, everyone does business with China.”
So are you hoping for a better Twitter?
“Free, yes. Today it is my favorite among social networks and can only take advantage of the fact that it is no longer bound by politically correct censorship.”

Luciano Nobili: “Mask? I don’t see any risk to democracy. I blocked for no reason.” (By Niccolo Danieli)

Elon Musk buys Twitter but there are some people who think he is a liberal, very approving. He even criticized the excesses of political correctness. Therefore, “dangerous for democracy”. Luciano Nobili, honorary member of the Italia Vivar, however, threw water on the fire and warned: “Let’s not roll our heads.”

(Luciano Nobili)

In your opinion, is there any real risk?

“No. I don’t know who touched their hair before Elon Musk bought Twitter. The risk is already there and there are others ….

In what sense?

“It simply came to our notice then. We’ll see what happens, how Twitter develops.

And the risks already present?

“What’s already happening on these platforms and the surprises we find aren’t exactly fantastic. Fake news spreads easily, like confusion and propaganda of hatred and violence, with threats. Just look at the profiles of MPs who like me or like us in Italy Viva, Opposes sovereigns and populists and collects insults and threats.

So you are not afraid of the absence of control?

“I do not like censorship. I also share some masks about Twitter. I do not like ‘culture abolition’ and I believe that it is a restriction of law. Prohibited It must be banned on the net.

A reference to what happened a few days ago?

“No, it’s a broad discourse. A few days ago I was unfairly blocked by Twitter. To tweet a picture already published in many media in response to a statement from Orsini. The image was strong, but has already spread through the media. So I was blocked for no reason.

Roberto D’Agostino: “Twitter will remain as it is. The word is fundamental.” (By Valeria Arnoldi)

Elon Musk, after buying Twitter, declared more freedom of expression. How would Roberto D’Agostino evaluate this announcement?

“Freedom of expression is a huge issue. What is the truth? What sparked the controversy in America was that Elon Musk said he was against it when Trump’s account was closed. The problem is not in the middle but always in the use of making it.

(Roberto D’Agostino)

Couldn’t raise more freedom keyboard lion here?

“The knife is used to cut flesh, but it can also be aimed at a person’s throat. A train carries passengers, but it can also be used to carry a gun. Everything has a positive and a negative side. It depends on how it is used. The same is true of the Internet. We think about what is happening in Ukraine, we see it on the web. If the net had existed in the days of Dachau and Auschwitz, the concentration camps would have been discovered sooner, not later. I repeat: it all depends on how things are used.

Jeff Bezos, commenting on the Musk operation, said Twitter would become pro-China.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, especially in the world.”

So, what will happen to Twitter with Elon Musk’s assets?

“In my opinion, nothing will happen. Everything will remain as it is. The word is essential. Let us remember that civilization began when men left the club to engage in dialogue.

Carlo Calenda: “For greater freedom of expression, you need a verified identity” (by Valeria Arnoldi)

Elon Musk has announced more freedom of expression on Twitter, a platform he has just acquired. Carlo Calenda, how would you rate the offer?

“For me, greater freedom of expression, as I said in my book, which will be published on May 5 (” Freedom that does not free. Rediscover the value of the boundaries “, la nav de tessio), means write on enabled platforms but only an identity verification. By name and surname. Contamination of fake news and verbal violence by anonymous people are destroying Twitter as a tool of political debate. Fake news can take place, I totally disagree and I think it will be a very dangerous turn. Social networks “.

(Carlo Calenda)

Elon Musk’s phrases suggest a platform with “low limits”.

“It’s not good if there is a low limit, there should be an agora who is really decent, where one wants to be. If anyone can write, anonymously, what they want, I say again, it’s not good. Twitter is literally flooded with fake profiles.

Are you afraid of the rise of the keyboard lion?

“Of course.”

Do you believe in the possibility of a pro-China turn of the platform, as predicted by Jeff Bezos?

“No, I don’t believe it. I don’t think anyone will make him pro-China. However, I believe that if it becomes a more irregular place, it will lose its quality.

According to Kasturi, what do you think social media will be like?

“I have no idea. Freedom without responsibility only turns into anarchy, harassment, humiliation, then no one will want to stay.”

As of today, do you like the platform but want some limitations?

“Absolutely yes. I am the only political leader who uses Twitter to respond to users. I spend less time on the platform than before, but if I have one hour free I use it to respond, because I think the response of voters on social networks. It is important to inform “.

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