What happened to the animals at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

In the meantime, a new light-shadow on the much-discussed life Michael Jackson. A documentary by Ross Kemp entitled “Searching for Michael Jackson Zoo”Reveals The horrors of the animal park in Neverland By Michael Jackson. The program retraces Numerous guest events from the structureWhat happened to many of them when they were detained in Neverland, “Neverland”, as well as after leaving the singer’s famous farm.

They just didn’t live there Very famous chimpanzee bubblesThe pop star’s most famous “pet” (also seen in music videos and movies) but also a push At least 50 other species Including six giraffes, snakes and lizards, eight alligators, twenty exotic birds, three elephants, seven monkeys and the Great Ape and four tigers.

Although “King of Pop” has always insisted on the fact that he was a lover of animals, not everyone is convinced of the healing properties of the samples. British journalist Ross Kemp tried to find all the still living creatures by discovering some details like how they were captured and how they arrived at Jackson’s property.

Ali and Baba, two African elephants

One of Michael Jackson's three elephants
In the picture: One of Michael Jackson’s three elephants

Among Jackson’s exotic animals were two African elephants Ali and BabaWhich were bought by children from South Africa. Marcel MeredithThe executive director of the NSPCA, the South African National Council for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said: Originally they came from Kruger ParkBut later it ended in his hands Ricardo GhiazaA wildlife smuggler and drug dealer who is known as one of the biggest elephant traders in the country.

While in Ghiazzar’s “Layer”, Meredith said they were beaten with a “bull’s hook”, a device used to control elephants and deprive them of water and food. To “train” them before sending them to the United States. Meredith has actually managed to get back through Sales registration South African species at the International Zoo in discussions between Jackson and Ghiazar. He sold two elephants to Michael Jackson in America. This is definitely Ali and Baba. ‘

The fate of the giraffe

What happened to the giraffe?
In the picture: What happened to the giraffe?

What happened to the giraffe instead? Two of them almost died in a fire in the barn they kept, while a man named Jabbar died when a door in the structure, inadvertently left open by the guardian, pressed against his neck in the air. Archives reveal that, a few years ago, law enforcement officers visited Neverland and found Jabbar in a very small enclosure.

The four baby giraffes weren’t very goodWild animals have been sold to owners Tommy and Freddie Hancock. Two of the four died in about two years. According to PETA, the deaths were caused by Hancocks, who mistakenly fed them when they came in contact with the cold.

Cold testimony of Mark Biancaniello

A photo that depicts Mark Biancaniello in Baloo's company
In the picture: A photo that depicts Mark Biancaniello in Baloo’s company

The documentary is full of unpublished pictures and videos, such as an archive clip that shows Jackson stands with his “sweet” pet blade Louis: In the video, the singer himself says to the camera: “I had another lama. He was Lama’s son, he was white as snow. And unfortunately my dogs attacked him and he died. ‘

Another cool testimony is that Mark Biancanillo, One of the pet trainers on the 2,700-acre farm, was forced to retire after suffering an “almost-fatal injury” in a car accident while two tigers were in the car with him. People speak with love A bear named BaluHer favorite pet in Neverland, which she bottle-fed and kept sleeping in her bed.

“He behaved like a dog – the former animal trainer said – it was just great. He weighed about 300 pounds and was over two feet tall. And he He rode the golf cart with me, We went to the theater, I went to fetch him an ice cream cone. We also drove bumper cars together. I mean, imagine it: a big bumper car, where the fog machine is running, Michael Jackson’s music on the ball, and the sand sitting next to me on the bumper here as he licks his ice cream. ‘ In this light, the car accident with the two tigers is not very surprising. Mark Biancanillo concludes: “How many places in the world can you see such a scene?”

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