Work began in California

By Remy Morandi

In Europe they are invested every year 29 million animals Inside Highway. A huge problem, for motorists, but above all for life Fauna Wild. And not just in Europe, but all over the world. For this reason, an alternative solution to the usual defensive barriers has been found in the United States. Inside California Work on a bridge has begun, really, The world’s largest bridge for wildlife.

The rendering shows how the bridge will allow animals to cross the California Highway (Photo Credit Wallis Annenberg Foundation)

The Wallis Annenberg Foundation project will begin this month and is expected to be completed by 2025. The Wildlife Bridge, to be called the Wallis Annenburg Wildlife Crossing, will pass over ten lanes of Highway 101, about 50 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles, California. Overpass – Investment is expected to end 90 million – The nearby Santa Monica Mountains will allow animals to cross the highway safely. In particular, the project was designed for conservation and protection Cougar (Also called mountain lions) who live in that mountain range. In fact this week, as reported CNNAn 18-month-old Puma cub was killed while running on a highway in California.

The Wildlife Bridge will not only be the largest ever built, it will be one of the most innovative. In fact, the overpass was conceived and designed to perfectly integrate with the mountains. Animals should not even notice that they are passing over a highway. Robert Rock, one of the architects who led the project, explained Guardian This type of bridge was designed not only to protect animals but also to protect them Environmental protection Surrounding: Although these bridges are usually made of concrete and steel, the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will “slide smoothly in a two-way environment,” the architect told the British newspaper. The flyover will actually be covered by vegetation and vegetation in the Santa Monica hills.

The California Wildlife Bridge will allow Pumas living in the Santa Monica Mountains to safely cross U.S. Highway 101 (Photo Credit National Park Service)

U.S. Highway 101 is the busiest in California and the west coast of the United States. With this bridge More than 300,000 drivers Those who flock to the ten lanes of the motorway every day may be lucky enough to see some wild animals go overhead. Not just cougars, but other large cats and other mammals, e.g. Coyotei DeerThe Links.

At the opening ceremony, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, who was in attendance on Friday, April 22, commented that thanks to the bridge, “we can protect California’s ecosystem without jeopardizing the development of transportation and other infrastructure. We need it.” California Governor Gavin News has promised others instead 50 million Run similar projects across the state.

Not just Puma. California’s Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will be crossed by coyotes, deer, lynx and other animals.

Pumara will be the main beneficiary of the flyover. These cats actually roamed the hills and highways of Santa Monica, splitting their habitat in two, posing a serious risk to their survival. At the opening ceremony of the bridge, philanthropist, president and CEO of the Wallis Annenberg Foundation, stressed, “We can coexist with all kinds of wildlife without suffocating their survival,” Wallis Annenberg said, according to the report. CNN. And its bridge is proof of that.

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