Memories. Grandini: “Zeman and Shilachi’s Messina: Dogs and Cats.”

With the 1988/89 season underway, Messina is on the bench with emerging Zedenek Zeman in the starting line-up for the Serie B Championship and thanks to the summer transfer market with some young optimists. Ciucci, Modica, Cambiaghi, Losacco, Picasso, Mandelli and Grandini are on the banks of the river.

The next, left-back, from Milan, fighting military service, has not yet turned 20 and came from Pavia.

Biancoscuda is preparing to play a good level tournament and so it will be. Grandini himself, despite being severely injured, will often use a bohemian coach who will train him at Serie A in Foggia in later years.

Wearing his shoes, wearing Valdagno, Triestina and Novara shirts, Grandini began his career as a trainer and fondly remembered his past in Sicily.

Gualteiro, just one season in the Messina ranks, where you left positive memories …

Yes, that’s right. I remember coming from Pavia and for me Messina was the first important team of my career. I was very young and in that very year I was in the military.

Arriving from the far north, how did you find yourself in the city of Pelaritan?

I happily remember the weather, it seemed to me that I was always on vacation. We were in Santa Margarita and we had the sea. Wonderful.

What was your first impression as a coach?

With Bohemians I discovered the joy of being on the pitch for fun. In those days he played football differently than others. Her workouts were tough, but the results came on time. The only thing I can do for Zeman is that not all footballers can perform certain tasks. For example, after my first heavy injury to the machine, I had to observe some training sessions with different tables, but we are talking about several years ago.

Was it the season?

Definitely a year to remember. We finished seventh, the team can rely on De Simone, Da Mommio, Modica, Losacco, Ciucci. People playing forwards like Cambiaghi, Shilachi, Pierre Loni, Mosini …

The developed sector was the strong point of the team. Remember Shillachi?

Toto was a great footballer. We started with the goal advantage when we played at home, he was impenetrable and made great plays. The speech changes in the away game, where he sometimes disappears. Zeman didn’t like it and there were often disagreements between the two. The team suffered occasional losses. Once Zedenek sat him down on the bench, something changed from that moment. At the end of the championship, Shilachi scored several goals.

Which partners do you bond with the most?

Of course with Paolo Mandela, because we have known each other for some time. I came from the Pro Sesto youth team, he was from Inter, and that year we traveled together because of military service sharing. Later we found ourselves in Faggia, with Picasso with us.

Messina plays well and creates entertainment. What was missing in the very first place?

We’ve won almost every home game we’ve had out of the house. The audience in “Celeste” did their part. The stadium was always full. The enthusiasm of the fans gave us wings.

Apart from Messina, have you played in Serie A for two years? Are you happy with your career?

I lost several seasons due to injury, maybe I could have gained more. I think some workouts have done me more harm than good, but now there is no going back. But I took away a lot of satisfaction.

Remained in the football world as a manager. Positive experience?

I have coached for several years in the youth sector of Citadella and Padua. I tried to be the first coach two years ago, but Covid didn’t help us.

Would you like to send greetings to Messina fans?

I would like to return to their higher division. My Messina has many fond memories and I will never forget the support of the Pelaritan supporters.

Gualtiro played only one season at Grandini Messina, but that was enough to show his excellent qualities: speed, dribbling and ability to cross in extreme comfort.

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