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The genomes of 2,155 samples of different races studied were combined with more than 18,000 questionnaires on physical and behavioral characteristics collected on the Darwinsark platform: only 9% seemed to have a role in genetics (and not exclusively).

Friendly, intelligent and dedicated Golden Retriever; Loving, loyal and courageous Bulmastiff. Through the American Kennel Club, a breed of dog breed in the American Genealogical Register of Pure Dogs, you will find three adjectives that define their main characteristics. But will the breed really show the behavior of our dog? There are those who do not adopt from kennels and do not buy puppies from kennels in the hope of finding, on the basis of the breed, the dog that best suits their needs. Even at the legislative level, in some local regulations (even if not at the national level), some species are classified as endangered, up to a complete ban on breeding or rearing in some states, while insurance companies impose high premiums on considered breed owners. Aggressive research that is about to be published in science seems to be changing the table: Genomic analysis of numerous dogs suggests that pedigree and behavior are not so closely related.

We know that very well The evolutionary history of dogs There are distant sources, and that for millennia Homo sapiens Deliberately or not, select the dog. Some archeological findings prove the existence of modern dogs about 30,000 years ago, but humans probably started 2000 years ago. Choose specimens for specific tasks such as hunting and guarding, Which required some behavior enhancement, probably arising from the wolf predator sequence, and restricting others. It was only in the nineteenth century, in the Victorian era, that the search for a repetitive aesthetic norm and ethnic purity began: modern nations were born and the idea that they were characterized not only by a certain physical appearance, but by special behavior.

Really? Kathleen diedPhD students from Massachusetts Chan Medical School and MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute and colleagues Eleanor Carlson, They wanted to test these hypotheses by working on a very large sample. I read 2155 Dog genomeIntegrate them with the data in the bin 18,385 questions on physical and behavioral characteristics Compiled by owners of purebred and mixed breed dogs collected on the civic science platform Darwin’s Ark
. Behavioral characteristics to consider include socialization of human beings, level of activity, and control of emotions (Excitement) And agility to respond to hints (Bidability)

During a press conference dedicated to the study, Eleanor Carlson explained that she was initially dealing with Human genetics is associated with the development of mental illness, Such as OCD. Dogs are often used as an experimental model for the study of these diseases: they live in the same environment as us and their behavioral disorders may share the same causes and similar drug treatments. Carlson never had a dog, but as soon as he tells people he’s studying them, they start flooding him with photos and information from their four-legged friends. The researcher and his team realized that this stimulus could collect a large amount of data. Thus came Darwin’s Ark platform and publication Science.

Combining the data, only 11 genetic loci were strongly associated with behavior, but none of them were closely related to one lineage. An exception seems mandatory (Bidability), Which can be predicted by caste and which varies significantly between individuals. According to the results obtained, Breeds affect only 9% of a dog’s moodAnd in any case it was not possible to link a given behavior to a single lineage.

The question is actually much more complex than we might think. Behavioral traits depend not only on the activity of multiple genes, but also on the environment. Remaining for a strictly genetic level, that’s what emerged Our dog’s behavior has been modeled on evolution and selection for thousands of years, Well before Victorian racing was fake. If we confuse ourselves that we have created the perfect cross to control a dog’s character and mood in such a short time, we are wrong. That’s exactly what we managed to choose with the modern species Aesthetic features.

(Pictures in this report are part of photographs sent by participants in Darwin’s Ark Project. In addition to being used for the study, these photographs have made the offices of scientists the most memorable of Eumas Chan Medical. School Credit: Eleanor Carlson)

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