Paddle is the game of the moment

After a two-year hiatus due to the epidemic, he The game Back as the hero, but for the little ones. In the fall of 2021 – the reference period for season ticket renewal and resumption of sports practice – adults bought 9% fewer packages and lessons than in the same period last year. For ChildrenOn the other hand, it was a real comeback in sports, with + 299% bookings compared to September 2020. This has been published in a study by the Observatory Sports clubs, The main platform for booking sports and fitness, used by over 700,000 athletes in 800 facilities across Italy.

People over the age of 65 are the age group who wear shoes and sportswear in the closet, which scores -28% in the gym or private course. However, according to SportClub, about one-third of those who attend sports centers are over 50.

A growing number of Italians who, with the progressive aging of the population, will need increasingly accessible sports services to avoid serious health consequences. This will probably put pressure on managers to review their offers so that customers do not lose out.

Gym membership can be purchased from your smartphone

Meanwhile, the Jim They continue to improve their booking, access management, communication and payment services for digital technology. The Digital Sports Center was launched last year Sportclubby Increased 25%, and about half of them now allow their users to pay for subscriptions, access, lessons and various services from the app, such as shower tokens or the advice of trainers and nutritionists. A feature that is increasingly appreciated by users: those who pay for their sports activities from the app are 24% more than last year.

Paddle: The game of the moment

In The game The most popular paddle has been re-confirmed with the highest rate of registered new members (+ 274%). The growing use of apps and sports booking platforms has contributed to the event’s energy, management, security and conservation benefits: “digital” clubs for these sports enthusiasts are almost three times a year (+ 190%), in the network. Sportclubby.

According to a recent Observatory survey, before November 2020, 1 in 3 practiced other disciplines, mostly fitness, crossfit, weightlifting (11%) and other outdoor sports (9%). The community built around the paddle is very emotional and digital has helped build more loyalty, making match organization and teammates easier to find: 37% play 3-4 times a week and play more than 1 in 10 plays every day, some including weekends In the case.

New normal sport: who goes up and who goes down

Thanks to low health risks and easy access to fields, preferred by apps and booking platforms, many Italians have opted for outdoor physical activity since 2021. In The game Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Tennis (+ 94%), while bookings for the football field have more than doubled since last year (+ 122%).

The lifting of the ban has brought many water sports enthusiasts closer to the reference pool. Aquagym records + 20% and wellness-related activity is increasing (+ 32%). Swimming (+74%) and football (+68%) are on the rise again: it is no coincidence that a recent report confirms that most exercise is performed by children when returning to sports activities.

Yoga enthusiasts pass from classic practice (-23%) to “suspended” training‘Anti-gravity (+ 82%). Olympic success revives passion for gymnastics (+ 20%).

The gyms are the most damaged. After years of popularity, the trend is reversed in terms of crossfit (-22%), fitness (-20%), spinning (-18%) and weight (-25%). Dance schools are also in crisis (-21%).

The most sports zone

Sports Italians live in Tuscany, where the highest number of sports bookings per user is recorded. Campania and Liguria follow, immediately followed by Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Surprisingly, despite having the second largest offer of digital sports services, Lombards sit higher than Marchigiani and Pimentace.

“The hardships that athletes and clubs have had to face in these two years are particularly risky for the most vulnerable segments of the population. In this way, apps and digital tools can help us in the reverse course, facilitating access. The game In the new normal, “explained Stefano De Amici, CPO and co-founder Sportclubby. “On the one hand, we need to rethink the entire Italian sports system, looking at the elderly population, but which has become accustomed to managing every aspect of their lives from smartphones. On the other hand, we must spread the culture of movement from the younger generation, helping parents to start their children’s sports. Sportclubby Hundreds of clubs work side by side with managers to respond to these challenges in a changing environment. “

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