“Taking care of her dog gave me the strength to start my life again”, a moving letter from an elderly neighbor

There are some special encounters in life that can change us. And they become more important if they are unexpected and if they bring benefits. When this happened to a man, an elderly man who had a neighbor left him to take care of his three dogs for a few days: Smoky, Orio and Jennifer. Surely the owner of a four-legged friend did not think that asking for a favor would actually improve the old man’s life.

And the neighbor wrote him a letter telling him about his two-week experience with three dogs. “Good afternoon. This letter is about your vacation two weeks ago and how you let me babysit Smoky, Orio and Jennifer. I want to give you a thank you note – read the letter the dog owner wanted to share on the Reddit platform – you know, I’m an old man Man. You don’t see me outside often because these joints are not as vibrant as before. To add to that, two years ago, during an epidemic, my father was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. After his death, I was alone in my house. “I have no wife or children. I could go to sleep one day and never wake up again. Every day he would just sit and ask me what I have done for this world.”

A touching letter, the story of a man who had nothing to ask for but life. But then three new friends came along: “Until I meet Smoky, Orio and Jennifer. Your pets are the most beautiful, fun and annoying people (in a good way, don’t worry, they didn’t ruin the house too much!) They inspired me to start my life – read the letter -. I woke up very early in the morning. I started walking outside with your pets for the first time in years. Every 10 minutes, whenever I felt sorry for a second, they would bark at my legs and smile at me. The highlight of their stay was when I took them to the park. It was the longest time I had ever spent outside. Not only did they force me to interact with pets, I also met other people, started talking and befriended a handful of other people. I was finally happy to talk to friends again, to communicate with others, and to feel part of the human race. I’m realizing that I sound very non-existent now, but I’m telling the truth. It’s nice to know I’m doing something for someone, even if it’s my neighbor. ‘

And her new world, her newfound desire to survive, pushed her to do something unimaginable by a man who felt she had reached the end of the line: “Later I also adopted two companion dogs. (You may have heard a voice from my house.) , Forgive them!) Now I regularly walk with them in the park and talk to my friends there. Anyway, I just want to say: Thank you very much. You have brought back the meaning of my life. (PS I think it’s time for you to mow the lawn, hahaha!) End that letter which needs no further comment. Just so grateful for that special ability that animals can have on humans.

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