Treviglio, a 71-year-old female neighbor, shot and killed her neighbor. His wife is very serious

Tragedy this morning: He shot and killed his neighbor.

Murder in the northern area, today Thursday morning 28 April, Treviglio. The quarrel between the neighbors has deteriorated and according to preliminary information, a woman He fired several shots Towards two neighbors, killing one: it’s a man, Luigi Cassati, 61 years old. The victim’s wife is also very serious. Monica Leoni, 58 years old.

Carabinieri and rescuers arrived at the scene, with the helicopter rescued

Silvana Erzemberger

The alarm went off at about 7.40 a.m. today at a condominium complex north of Treviglio. Through Bergamo and Braside. Its outbreak woke up the area this morning At least five shots were fired, eyewitnesses said. Helicopter rescue was also on the scene, to help the injured man, who, however, died shortly after the shooting and was left lifeless in a condominium boulder. The Carabinieri of Treviglio was also on site for the investigation.

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Dynamic: Another fight for dogs

Hunting – Luigi Cassati

According to the testimony of several people present, a woman fired, Silvana Erzemberger (Pictured above), 71-year-old K. For some time he was the refuge of very heavy annoyance To two neighbors, Husband and wife, pensioners, Who lived upstairs in his apartment. The node of controversy is, above all, the management of a dog. Several times, threats and, apparently, even a complaint would fly. But no one imagined it would come this far. At the height of another altercation, this morning, according to investigators, the 71-year-old would return home and regularly return after holding a pistol. There he shot Cassati, hitting him in the chest several times. To kill.

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He then aimed his gun at his wife

The victim’s wife Monica Leoni was injured. Her condition is serious

Cassatt’s wife, Monica Leoni, used to stare at the balcony of their apartment when she heard the shots, and when she saw her husband on the ground, she looked down. Waiting for him was a 71-year-old man who turned his weapon against him, making his leg with two more pistol shots. He died instantly, instead being taken to Bergamo Hospital under Red Code. The helicopter, which landed at the stadium via AI Malgari, was left empty by Pope John XXIII. His condition is very serious: he has lost a lot of blood. The woman who was shot, charged with murder, The carabinieri stopped him.

Boy at the scene: “This thing has been going on for years.”

Relatives of the victims were also at the scene and one of the relatives of the killer, who fell unconscious and 118 rescued him. A few minutes later, he too arrived at the scene. EmanuelSon of the slain couple. “This story has been going on for years.” She screams, desperate.

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Threatened with a cane three weeks ago

Luigi Cassati, “Gigi” to his friends, worked as a metalworker and lived in an apartment in Bergamo with his wife, Monica Leoni, for about fifteen years. Her little dog’s favorite, on social networks, she often appears together with an animal that hates her killer very much. A neighbor reported another violent fight in the same housing complex about three weeks ago. Erzemburger threatened and chased Cassati with a stick and the carabinieri intervened.

Murder video online

Pictures of some parts of the murder have been running on WhatsApp for a few minutes. They show the alleged killer, Silvana Erzemberger, The gun in his hand killed Kasati lying on the ground. Next door, desperately, his wife Leoni, already injured. Erzemburger, with an inhuman coolness, moves backwards on the condominium cobblestones.

The arrest has been confirmed

Meanwhile, the carabinieri confirmed the arrest of the woman. According to what was raised, after a fight in the garden, the killer returned to his apartment to pick up a gun. He then came out and shot Luigi Casati three times.

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