Una Squadra, Procacci’s Sky Documentary documentary and I Sky Tg24 premiered in theaters

Produced by Fandango, Sky and Luce Cinecità and presented today, a troupe of Domenico Procacci will premiere in theaters on May 2, 3 and 4. Sky Original Documentaries will air on Sky Documentaries from May 14 at 9.15pm, with the first two episodes airing on Sunday, May 15 at Sky Sport Uno, shortly after the final of the Internazionale d’Italia – now also available on demand and in streaming trailers.

Sky Original Documentary

Documents speak of a team that is sometimes divided, fragmented, with difficult, conflicting relationships, both between the players and those who guide and train them. A party, a national team, a party that opposes and fights in its own country when victory is in its hands. And despite all this, the strongest team in the world in those years. Sky Original Documentaries will air on Sky Documentary from May 14th at 9.15pm, now on demand and available on streaming. The first two episodes of the team will also be aired on Sky Sport Uno on Sunday, May 15, following the final of the Internazionale d’Italia.

A team
– Italy was the losing team from 1976 to 1980. We talk about tennis and the trophy you are fighting for is the Davis Cup. The team consists of four players, four champions: Corado Barajutti, Paolo Bertolucci, Adriano Panatta, Tonino Jugarelli. They have reached the final four times in these five years, winning only against Chile in ’76. Reached the final but then lost in ’77 against Australia, in ’79 against the United States and in ’80 against Czechoslovakia. In ’76 and ’77 the team had Italian tennis legend Nicola Pietrenzelli as a non-playing captain, who retired from competitive activity just a few years ago. Pietrangelli will be sacked by his players after Australia’s ‘8 defeat. He considers it the biggest betrayal of his life.

One team At the cinema


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The preview says some of the funniest and most exciting episodes of the series. In particular, it focuses on one of the four finals, which Pinochet played against Chile in ’76 and is therefore at the center of a fierce political battle. A victory that still remains today, 122 years after the birth of the Davis Cup, the only Italian victory. Una Squadro will premiere in theaters on May 2, 3 and 4.

Chiara Sbarigia Word, President of Cinecità

“We enthusiastically embraced the A-Team’s Fundango project, intervening as a co-producer, with beautiful illustrations from the Luce Archive, and co-distributing the film in theaters.” A history of great sportsmanship but also rich in intense humanity. A history where archival materials, words and deeds, fights and reunions, complexities and various but complements are involved on and off the tennis court. The talents of four great heroes of the Dream Team. Paolo Bertolucci and Tonino Jugarelli, led by Nicola Pietrengelli, have made history in Italian and world tennis, reaching four Davis Cup finals in five years. Speak will be thrilled ectatori with the story of our recent extraordinary events as we travel to Pinochet’s Chile to compete in the ’76 final. I was able to defeat the team in the middle of the dispute.

Remarks by Roberto Pisoni, Director, Sky Entertainment Channel

“A team is a simple and brilliant idea. When Domenico Prokachi first told us about it, he immediately agreed to co-produce it. The result, more than expected, is a great story in six episodes, handled and edited with great skill, passion and humor, all contained: a complex but unique success celebration, sports epic, political history, twentieth-century Italian and international costumes, and five sensational ones. The protagonist, with very different characters on and off the pitch, but all irresistible. “



Adriano Panatta Colorado Barajutti Paolo Bartolucci

Antonio Jugarelli Nicola Pietrangelli

A team


Domenico Prokaki


Domenico Prokaki, Sandro Veronica,

Lucio Biancatelli, Giogio Francini

On the advice of MARIO GIOBBE and LUCA REA

Produced by Domenico Prokaki and Laura Paolucci

Produced for Sky by Roberto Pisoni, Dino Vanini and Gaia Passetto

Executive Producers Eleonora Savi and Evan Fiorini

A production

Fandango, Sky, Cincinnati Light

A distribution

Luc Cincitta and Fandango Distribution

Under the auspices of CONI

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