‘Wimbledon not racism for Russians’ l Sky Sport

The decision to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in Wimbledon has received a unanimous chorus from the great former tennis players. “An irrational decision,” says Bartolucci, adding “an injustice.” “Rome must not make the same mistake,” Panatta thought. “A Team”, Sky Original Documentary, a presentation of the history of the Italian tennis team that won the Davis Cup in ’66.

“Today in Foro Italico I will play with Ukrainian shirts “. In fact, it is Adriano PanattaIn context Red T-shirt worn provocatively (against the Pinochet regime) in Chile in 1976 In the final Davis Cup. Presentation of occasion “A team”Documents Sky Original Broadcast about the history of the Italian tennis team who won the Davis Cup in ’76 and reached the final three more times in subsequent years. Sky Documentary from 14 May At 9.15pm (first two episodes) They will also go to Sky Sport Uno Sunday 15 May, immediately After the final of the International D’Italia)

“A Team”: 2 to 4 May at the cinema and 14 May at Sky

Panatta: “It’s a shame that Russian tennis players have been dropped from Wimbledon”

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Regarding the veto of Russian tennis players at Wimbledon, he replied: “It’s a shame they can’t play. They veto, but they still maintain relations with Russia. It happened in 1976 between Italy and Chile.” “It’s a form of racism – continue Panetta – if I go to Paris I’m an Italian in France, I certainly won’t represent Italy “.

Bartolucci: “Stop the Russians and Belarusians, a big mistake”

“Russian and Belarusian tennis players have been dropped from Wimbledon Big mistake It is foolish to assume that it punishes twenty players between men and women and extends the decision to Internazionale D’Italia as well. I don’t think there is time for that

The decision to expel Russian and Belarusian tennis players from Rome – continued Bartolucci -. The IOC has so far recommended this path to the federation for Putin’s approval of Russia, but now more decisions should be made than indicated. “Before the Rome Madrid tournament starts next Monday, he should have the same problem. Let’s see what happens in Spain.”

Sky Original Documentary “Una Squadra”

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Italy was the losing team from 1976 to 1980. We talk about tennis and the trophy you are fighting for is there Davis Cup. The team consists of four players, four champions: Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci, Adriano Panatta, Tonino Zugarelli.
They have reached the final four times in these five years, winning only against Chile in ’76. Reached the final but then lost in ’77 against Australia, in ’79 against the United States and in ’80 against Czechoslovakia. In ’76 and ’77 the team had Italian tennis legend Nicola Pietrenzelli as a non-playing captain, who retired from competitive activity just a few years ago. Pietrangelli will be sacked by his players after Australia’s ‘8 defeat. He considers it the biggest betrayal of his life. Documentaries speak of a group that is sometimes divided, With broken, difficult, conflicting relationships, between both players and those who guide and train them. A party, a national team, a party that opposes and fights in its own country when victory is in its hands. And after all that, in those years The strongest team in the world.
The Sky original documentaries will be broadcast Sky Documentary on May 14 at 9.15pm, Available on demand and now streaming. The The first two episodes of the team will also be aired on Sky Sport Uno on Sunday, May 15, following the final of the Internazionale d’Italia.

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