Beretini: ‘Roland Garros, yes, no more. The sinner can get to the end. ‘ Video

Italian tennis No. 1 has been ruled out due to an injury to his right hand: “Maybe I’ll go straight to the grass. I don’t want to take the risk.

Chaos. I often feel like this… in a bit of chaos, I feel like I’m everywhere but nowhere. And it is important to take a full break in your life“She chose the title of her friend’s last song Fabry fibra, Matthew Berettini, Tell me about yourself a month after his right hand operation. There will be a lot of thoughts in your head on and off the court, a stop that takes you to reflect on many aspects of your life, not just tennis, but tennis at that moment. The desire to return with the racket in hand “in a few weeks” and to think about how he came back as a man and a player after each injury.

“In Indian Wells I played with pain, we thought of inflammation, but the pain did not go away, on the contrary it increased. It was a small particle on top of a small finger that was injured, the part that works to hold the injured tendon still had to be sutured: the operation was necessary because the part that was torn had to be sutured. Then physiotherapy. Percent Paris? Now it’s no more than yes, especially since I haven’t started playing yet. Once I hit the first ball, I can better understand how long it takes me physically and mentally to get ready for the Grand Slam. So at the moment it’s not more than yes, but never say never. What is certain is that I will not take any risk by speeding up the process which has become quite complicated. It’s not worth it. “

Dissatisfaction over Red earth Had to give up Rome “A push” because Matteo felt a very strong emotion there: “One of the best memories is the match with Xavier in 2019: I still feel cold from how it started: from Vincenzo who wrote to me the night before that I think I made it and I beat him. Those are important memories, Even the same debut with Fabio where I took the famous “Wake Up Call” was an important step in my career, a great passion to enter Central. Finalist this year? Hard to predict, Lorenzo we know how he is: he can win everything, Last year he showed that he plays at the highest level, but at the moment I see Janick more as a potential finalist.

And two of his thoughts with the word “final”: one on the grass last yearAll England Club Last year and the experience of Turin Among the 8 masters.

“Expectations must be high, going to Wimbledon this year will be different for many reasons, first and foremost. The fact that last year I survived three weeks of the dream, it would be good, it would be very difficult to notice, but staying with my feet on the ground, I would be charged, however, clear. ” Believing in the final to do well in that Grand Slam and erasing the painful memory of the stomach injury that brought him tears in the last edition and took away his dream of survival.

“Above all, because of the difficulties we have had so far, this year’s qualification will be even more exciting than before. It will be very difficult because I miss very big tournaments, the good thing is I will have more energy in the summer and still have slam and important points. Qualification is not impossible “

Clear purpose, and the path is marked even if there is a sudden curve …

“Now I’m trying to focus on tennis, if there’s any way to improve, but at the same time to have experiences that I wouldn’t have had a chance to survive without hurting myself: I had a chance to meet. Flavio Tranquillo (Matteo is a big fan of NBA ed), Many singers who

They are my idols, doing things I could not do if I did not stop for injury. The advice I have given myself is to recharge yourself and get stronger from these things. “

Because each opposite has its own currency. And it leads to the next final and the next Final.

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