Dolphins are trained for military operations

Russia has deployed this cetacean in defense of the ship at the port of Sevastopol

US Naval Institute, United States Naval Institute shows in a tweet a ‘Satellite imagery Where they can be seen at the entrance Port of SevastopolIn the Crimea, for two fences Dolphin
This is where the main one is located Russia’s naval base in the Black Sea And here I am Cetaceans trained for military operations.
Large military ships are anchored in the port at risk in front of the sea Submarine attack.
This is exactly why the Russians are now deploying dolphins in the field, able to provide legitimate support Underwater surveillance And cAgainst any threat.

Dolphins “listed” in the Russian Navy

They monitor the seabed, identify potential threats and Mine presenceTolerates adverse weather.
“Dolphins, and other small cetaceans like them – Luca Mizan, director of marine biology at the Giancarlo Ligabu Museum of Natural History in Venice – are intelligent creatures who can lend themselves to this use without problems. Absolutely capable of receiving military training to recognize potential dangers. Today, with the help of electronic security devices, everything is easier than in the past, but this “military sitasian” can still make a legitimate defensive contribution against the threat coming from the sea. On the other hand Because of their characteristics, the military training of dolphins and sea lions was already tested by the United States Navy in the 1960s.. They were initially used Against the attackers, Then for me Mining field And other transactions that of course cover Military secrecy And of which very little is known. “

Efficient detector of mines and hazards from the sea

“At first the dolphins but the other small cetaceans – continued by Luka Mizan – are equipped with a Especially advanced radar systems Which allows them to intercept naval-mine and explosive devices when properly trained to detect these objects. They can also be trained To carry explosives And equipped with riders if required or Devices that disturb telecommunications Enemy “.


That is why Russia is now deploying them at the entrance to the Crimean port.
Near Sevastopol, in 1965The Soviet Navy is an open one Dolphin Military Training Research Center, Sea lions and whales. In Soviet and post-Soviet times it was part of the arms race during the Cold War. After the fall of the USSR,Ukraine restores Soviet military program on marine mammals. After a time of neglect, The center was re-established in 2012 And returned to Russia during the 2014 Crimean crisis.
On the other hand, in the U.S. Navy’s mammal program, the United States has been training dolphins and sea lions at its center in San Diego, California, since 2007.
Similar training activities were conducted by Israel and North Korea.
In the Arctic North, the Russians also specialize in exercises with other marine mammals. Whales, seals and belugas, Suitable for coping with freezing temperatures in that area.

cetaceans military training

The military training of dolphins and sea lions is not entirely clear because it is a military privacy, although it more or less follows the pattern used for police dogs.
One of its staff Veterinarians, technologists and marine biologists Highly qualified take care of them and are available 24 hours anytime during the training course.
Special attention is also paid to maintain their healthAdequate power supply, physical examination and continuous monitoring.
Dolphins, in particular, prove very effective in their “military” role Near the coast in comparison In underwater drones that can be sensitive to noise caused by waves and ships. The The sea lion has great eyesightMore Amphibian And the US Navy trains them To recover lost equipment and unarmed weaponsBesides Rescue navigator difficulty.

Sylvia Bolognini

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