Fit without a gym: 10 best exercises to do at home and at the office

PerTraining Inside Weight room Alternate with one / two sessions several times a week Cardio (Running, swimming, biking, etc.), some Stretched, Healthy eating And enough Hydration: The rules to follow to get in shape in a costume test are not many and not even complicated Yet half of the Italians – this is the latest one to be published Survey by Coldity – Appears on the beach with a few extra pounds.

Why would this happen? Those sculptures and well-enriched bodies strongly resist the urge for which many have a crazy rhythm of daily routine consisting of aspirations, work, family, home management, etc. Days often turn into an inseparable tangle of promises and unforeseen events that force you to cancel running sessions in the park, skip training lessons and / or yoga classes at the gym. The stress and frustration of not training works for the rest.

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How to solve the problem? Quitting yourself and covering up extra roundness with lots of sweaters is strictly forbidden: for those who do not get time to join a fitness club, but spend their days at home and office perennially, the solution exists and it is free of charge. And it simply consists of Take advantage of even the smallest extra time for some exercises, For example, between one and another meeting, during lunch break and / or break time (when colleagues probably have coffee) or at home, waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle and then cooking to finish dinner in the oven. Or again, very early in the morning when everyone is asleep or in the evening, before a proper night’s rest.

What exercise? FromOffice yogaWhich is practiced calmly Left to sit at the desk and after shoes, In special training Domestic (Recommended by Max Masotti’s team at Sketchers Village during the last edition of Reminiscence, which ended a few days ago) Transform the house into a real gym, Training is really within the reach of everyone. No equipment is required to increase the workload except using chairs, tables and some objects as overload.

In the gallery Below we suggest incorporating some exercises into your daily routine to tone, strengthen and stretch your muscles and get in better shape than before in the summer without disturbing your rhythm.

Exercise at home
Dives into the kitchen

Stand next to the table from behind you and hold the edge with your hands. Move your legs a few tens of centimeters forward to draw a diagonal line with the body on the floor. Keep your elbows close to your torso, bend your arms and legs, try to keep your shoulders and your abs tight, then get up, push well with your arms. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 1 minute break in each set.
Push-ups in the kitchen
(Read Exercise)
Opposite crunches and lunges in the bedroom
(Read Exercise)
Crawling in the children’s room (Read Exercise)
Stretching in the living room (Read practice)

Fabio Filipe

Yoga teacher Ambra Valo @ Fabio Filipe

Office Exercise (Office Yoga)
Bust wound

Sitting in a chair, bring your right hand to the backrest and place your left hand outside your right knee. Inhale, open the chest, lengthen the column and push the head upwards; The espiando twists through the torso, pointing to the sight on the right shoulder. Hold the position for a few breaths by slowly compressing your abdomen to increase the twist. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

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Lengthen the neck (Read Exercise)

Extending backwards (Read practice)

Buttocks stretched (Read Exercise)

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