Raises new logo discussion: “In the face of participation”

A path has already been taken without the participation of minorities and citizens. Emilio Minuzzo, municipal councilors for ‘Leco deserves more’, summarizes the concerns of Leco City’s new logo (and brand). The news, announced by Palazzo Bovara on Wednesday, immediately became the subject of controversy: “Reading this news in the local media not only surprised us, it also shocked us a little – explain to the three councilors -. We were not shocked to hear from the newspaper instead of the commissioner’s voice, as it is now Procedure We have been accustomed to the administration for two years now “, the first attack carried out by Minuzzo, Brigitte and Caravia.

One of the thrusts involved in hiring a study: “We weren’t bothered by the tourism reality and the lack of local marketing studies to build the brand: as is well-known, in Savona – where it comes from a team of experts at StudioWiki – Bread, Resignon and Promise Sposy.” We weren’t surprised to see the logo presented, but it’s just the word ‘LECCO’, so ‘cat’ seems to have nothing to say but give birth to a rat.

The focus of the letter was “participatory survey, presented with great fanfare in the press.” We anxiously opened the link, hoping to get involved and at least listen through this tool – contrary to what happens in the Council Chamber – but we’ve only discovered two random questions – despite the participation -: in the color of a logo and at the end of a slogan, already almost entirely selected. . To use a famous phrase from a well-known politician specifically followed by our mayor: ‘First reaction? Shock! ‘”

New Lecco logo for worldwide promotion

The municipality survey is available online to help a brand choose a colorful look and an effective slogan to spend on promotional campaigns. Recognizing at first sight: This is a goal that led to the search for a system of colors, images, sounds capable of telling Leco’s DNA, inviting you to discover the city and its tourism offerings with a special focus on the outside experience.

Team of professionals at work

“The tourist season has begun with encouraging signs – explained Leo Municipality Regional Attractions Councilor Giovanni Catanio – but we have a duty to support the work of economic operators to make our city better and better known. But before we define it in detail, we want to involve those who know the lake and the mountains best: we are from Lake. “

From Wednesday 27 April to Saturday 7 May all citizens will be able to take part in an online survey to express their preferences, but above all they will be able to submit their own slogan proposal which will be accompanied by the first advertising campaign with new graphics.

Vote for the poll here

Leco’s charm is strongly associated with a mix of natural landscapes and cultural, artistic and literary depths, combined with the strength of the art profession and a vibrant network of third-sector themes that contribute to the formation of the “soul”. Space “.

“When we invite a family of friends to Leco, where do we take them? What do we tell them? It’s not easy – Giovanni Catanio concludes – summarizing all the thousands of subtle things that only those who grew up in this city have learned. Know and love. There are lights and shadows: We work with Leco’s identity knowing that we will not be able to reach a synthesis that will satisfy everyone, but with the desire that everyone can have a part in the tourism offer that we will make. Bring it closer. “

Landscape elements in abstract form

The tourist area of ​​Leko Municipality has worked tirelessly in recent weeks to develop communication tools and equipment: the brand represents the first spark able to arouse the interest of tourists. Studiowiki Studios, a brand and land of Savona, after winning the tender initiated by the municipality, made the first proposals, reaching a stylized composition that incorporated some of the featured elements of the Leco landscape into abstract form. Leco was compared with other cities that were consistent with the scene and with data on tourist flows: for this reason, slogan forms in Italian or English, in addition to graphic form, were examined.

The final sprint remains: choosing the color (warm or cool) that is most in tune with the city environment and suggesting a word that completes the “Leco, Land of …” slogan. A term that describes the Leko area, who live, work, educate and welcome here.

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