Simplified Smart Working Extension for the Weak August 31st, June 30th

Here comes the new one Simplified smart work extension Until August 31, 2022. For the weak, however, the term for quick-witted work as a general method slips away June 30th.

Including two specific amendments adopted by the Commission on Social Affairs in the transformation process Re-opening decree lawThe workers’ request was finally answered.

In this article we explain what changes with the extension of Smart Working provided for conversion of the reopening decree into law, for both the weak and all employees in the private sector.

The extension of Simplified Smart Working begins

Thanks to the multiple amendments collected in the Maxi government provision, an amendment was envisaged in Article 10 of the reopening decree during the transition period of the law. In fact, until 31 August 2022, Simplified communication methods. In fact, according to the law enacted to adopt the governance of smart working (Act 22 May 2017, n.181) Quick work A written agreement is required between the employer and the employee that establishes the duration, the terms of withdrawal, the procedure for carrying out the service, and the technical equipment used in compliance with the worker’s right to disconnect.

To overcome these bureaucratic limitations in the emergency phase of the epidemic, a simplified system of smart working access was temporarily introduced. This procedure does not involve entering into a written agreement with the employee, but only A compilation of templates To contact the list of workers involved. So companies can easily work faster by sending this communication. The simplified method will be introduced Until 31 August 2022. For more information on the rules of smart work in the public and private sectors, we suggest you read our guide.

Simplified smart working extension, the goal of which is this

Simplified smart working extensions are noticed All private sector workers Without distinction of division. Rules regarding voluntary membership of employees remain in force. In fact, it was already signed by social partners on 7 December 2021 Smart Working National Protocol In the private sector which provides for new protections and contracts between workers and employers. Despite the ongoing transitional phase, with the enhancement of the simplified procedure that took place at the stage of converting the reopening decree into law, the rights of workers are still guaranteed in terms, duration, procedure, location, equipment and standards. For training on this subject.

Extends protection to fragile workers

Reform, Labor and Social Policy Minister Andrea Orlando strongly supported, which is broad June 30, 2022 Protection for all fragile workers. The Reopening Decree, originally published in the Official Gazette, was inserted in the version approved by the Council of Ministers, it was deleted and now, in the phase of transformation of the provision, it gets back in place. For more details on the expansion of smart work for the weak, we recommend reading a dedicated in-depth study.

Who is it for and what does it predict?

That amendment amends paragraph 10 of the law decree no. Reaffirm by 2024 June 30th The right to work smart for all the weak is next. The hospital admission equation is also planned where speedy work is not possible, as specified by the Ministry of Labor itself in a press release published on the institutional website. The change, which occurred during the billing test to convert Decree to reopen, Is also targeting fragile workers in the school sector. In addition, The right to smart work even for parents of vulnerable children.

More information on smart working and fragile workers

To know all the details about the rules of smart work in Italy, we suggest you read our guide. On the other hand, if you want more information about the National Protocol on Smart Working in the private sector, we suggest you read this in-depth analysis. To find out more about the safety of fragile workers in Italy, we suggest you read our guide. On the other hand, if you want to know more about who the fragile workers are under current law, we suggest you read this in-depth analysis.


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