A lesson in coexistence between men and dogs The municipality promotes new rules

Six sitting circles in the foot area and a sticker against those who have their shit lying around: “I am ashamed for my lord”

Lawn. New initiatives designed to raise awareness of the “Prato City Curata: I will take care of it” were presented in the Del Campasio area yesterday in the presence of Curated City Councilors. Christina Sanjo, Elena Cana Of Legambiente, Patrizia Noserino The association’s koa la jampa e Rosella GastryVice-president of the same association.

The awareness campaign “Prato Sitta Kurata: I’ll Take Care of Them” has promoted citizenship activism over the past two years, with greater focus on caring for shared space, raising awareness about cigarette butts and dog waste disposal. As well as related to the use of single-use plastics.

Continuing its collaboration with Legambiente, this new version of the campaign emphasizes rules of conduct to honor those who have one or more dogs with them. Thus, “Prato Sitta Kurata: I will take care of it” promotes proper use of city walkways, raises awareness and awareness about the new “Regulations for the Protection and Welfare of Animals in the City” for a more positive and mutually respectful coexistence between animals and citizens. Owners.

A series of posters that we will see posted in the city and invite people to behave properly and appropriately according to the different situations that may arise, the campaign includes a tour of six meetings from 30 April to 30 May. , Some advertisements have been set up in 43 areas of the city today. The first date of the tour is today from 10 to 11 at Del Campasio, the second by Toscanini on 2 May 17 to 18, the third on 14 May at Roma in Liberation and Peace Park, the fourth from 16 May 17 to 18 at Traversa del at Cassin de Tavola Anti-Park The fifth, instead of the Crosifiso, is scheduled for 28 May 10 to 11 through Pomerania, and the sixth, finally 30 May 17 to 17 through the Citizens 18.

A dog educator from Prato Kennel will be present at all appointments, to advise all users in the walking area, to run exhibitions, and to respond to curiosity about the most important aspects of coexistence between dogs and males. Useful gadgets will also be distributed during the event.

Each foot area will also be equipped with new information panels that illustrate the six main rules of behavior to be followed during stay: simply enter the leg area with a healthy dog ​​treated with pesticides; Don’t use games or food prizes; Always collect fertilizer; If present, properly use spaces intended for dogs of different sizes, avoiding scattering; Avoid occupying the area for too long to allow others to use it; Never enter the foot area with your dog in the heat.

Among the proposed initiatives in the “Prato Sitta Kurata: I Will Take Care of It” campaign, the keynote illustrated by Elena Kanna of Legambiant: “We will distribute stickers that can be attached near the manure to remind dog breeders that it is important to collect their hard droppings for the good of all. We hope to sensitize some” scattered “people who have a tendency to abandon their pet manure.

“One of the most important things we’re going to do is train the users who will use the foot space to give them accurate information about the use of these spaces.” Thus Rosella Gestri, vice president of the Koya La Jampa Association and dog educator. “In this way we want to illustrate the proper way to deal with dogs, the rules and how to respect them, collect manure, ban dogs from entering the area in hot weather and show respect to those who are already inside.” Letting people know how to properly benefit from this service in a fun way.

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