Boomerang in May 2022 offers many new features

Let’s find out together Announcement Up Boomerang Per May 2022: From May 2ndMonday to Friday, a 18.05 With appointment Dino Ranch. The series follows the adventures of the Cassidy family. In the new episodes we see the trio busy taking care of the most essential dinosaurs on the farm.

The “hero” is a colorful prehistoric reminiscent of the mythical Far West, where dinosaurs have not yet become extinct and live independently. People, on the other hand, travel on horseback to Triceratops and Brantosar. Like the younger breeders, the younger heroes learn the basics of the business and enjoy the farm life; A place that offers them new and unexpected challenges every day. In this show, humans and dinosaurs live together and in harmony. It’s a fantastic world that brings together the romantic atmosphere Old West With its amazement Jurassic Park. Instead of the classic farm animals, however, the most diverse species of dinosaurs live on farms. There is also no shortage of wild dinosaurs that live in moors outside the enclosure.

There Cassidy family The three foster brothers consist of their respective pet dinosaurs. Next, the eight Papa Bo and Mama Jane’s attentive and endless guidance, take care of their farm. John, Big brother, team leader; His sister Min She is full of energy and a girl with a big heart, specialized in animal care; And younger brother MiguelA gifted and very wise child.

Boomerang: Other news of May 2022

From May 2ndFrom Monday to Friday, they arrive at 18.30 Boomerang (Sky Channel 609) Many new episodes of the series Sam the fireman. The classic hero next to the hero. The latter is calm and cohesive in an emergency and always provides assistance to those in need. City in the new season Pontipandi Thanks to the opening of a very important new building has expanded:Ocean Rescue Center.

Sam And his faithful team – Elvis, PennyThe Captain SteeleAnd inevitable Thursday – Always responsible for protecting city dwellers from accidents. The team will help Sam, whatever the problem. In addition to the characters now known to all kids, new friends will be appearing for the first time. Ben HooperKind and charming coast guard, and Joe Sparks, a skilled mechanic who moved to Pontipandi with his wife and daughter.

Latest News: Taffy

Always May 2ndFrom Monday to Friday, the new episodes will land on Boomerang (Sky Channel 609) at 18.55. Taffy. The series is produced by Cyber ​​Group Studios in collaboration with WarnerMedia. In the episodes Taffy and Bentley are ready to have an eventful vacation with Mrs. Richmore. Needless to say, there will be something better! The protagonist Tuffy, a cunning raccoon that lives on the streets, is constantly hungry and looking for food.

The protagonist spends his days around the luxurious villa, where he lives a friendly and very rich life. Mrs. Richmore. One day the cunning Radhakun decided to set up one Stupid plan. Exists Being dressed up and adopted as a kitten From the lady as a new pet. A collar of taffy would be incredibly successful thanks to, adorned with an elegant red bow, found in garbage and a series of improvised meows. The Radhakun cat will soon become Mrs. Richmore’s darling, fascinated by the newcomer’s sweet and affectionate attitude. But not everyone will believe so easily.

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