Dalmatian: 10 things to know before adopting

If you are thinking of adopting a Dalmatian, you must know a few things before welcoming him into your family, such as its peculiar features that will help you to fully understand the character and needs of this species, including the spotted coat.

A dog skin friend and Walt Disney movies showed it not only with Red and Toby, but also with 101 Dalmatians and their sequels where the undisputed protagonist is: Dalmatian, a breed that has become very popular since the blockbuster but it should be well known.

Dalmasian is actually an exceptional companion to adventure, but he has a varied character that is not something to be missed. Let’s learn more about this species on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Here are 10 things to know before adopting Dalmatian:

It is a renewable source of energy

A Dalmatian is like a pile that has one difference: it almost never runs out. This dog is really out of the ordinary energy that always makes him ready for any activity or new game that you want to offer him, no matter what time it is and how tiring they can be.

Getting her involved in what you do frequently is a great start to getting her the attention she needs and at the same time keeping her under control. The Dalmatians are actually very energetic, playful, but sensitive.

He does not like loneliness

As you can guess, the Dalmatian is by no means a couch dog like the English Bulldog that can stay home alone for long periods of time. This breed does not like loneliness, because it wants human communication everywhere. Therefore, it is good to make sure that he has a playmate or that at least one member of the family can spend time with him every day.

It can be devastating

Precisely because Dalmatian does not like to be alone, he can easily get upset and express his discomfort through unpleasant behavior such as destroying his toys or other things.

This is a signal that the animal is sending because it is feeling neglected and asking you to give it more time.

It is not suitable for all children

Being a slightly unruly dog, experts advise against adopting this breed if you have a pet or a very young child, when a Dalmatian might be a winning choice for adults, especially in the first adolescence where this dog has an enterprising and restless character. Can have great marriages with kids.

He has to run

Definitely thanks to its very high energy level compared to the average which makes it very active, the Dalmatian must increase its hyperactivity and to do this there is no better way than to take him to a safe place where the dog can. Have fun. Without limits and without danger.

To be clear, this variety should be run for at least one hour a day to benefit from the activity.

And many places

Obviously physical activity is essential, but a place of the right size can do a lot for this clan because it is not always possible, for one reason or another, to move away from the city and spend time outside.

Assuming that what is important to your pet is the love that you can offer and not your availability, a large house or garden is favorable in all respects for this particular species.

He is very affectionate

You can tell everything about his strengths, but his character is good, friendly and very affectionate towards his family. Wanting a lot of attention, the dog himself shows his deep affection for those he loves, respects him and humiliates him.

It doesn’t bark much

This may seem strange given what we have said about its character, yet the Dalmatian is a breed that barks very little, in fact very little, because it does not thus attract the attention of its owner. The “silence” command is almost useless for him.

He may suffer from deafness

The most common health problem among Dalmatians is deafness in white-plated dogs, such as the Argentine Dogo, which can occur suddenly and affect only one ear or both.

He has an iron memory

The Dalmatian is a highly intelligent breed and has passed the test due to its memory and instincts. Loyalty And in interactive games. This species is ranked 39th among the 100 most intelligent species in the world.

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