Frosinone unknown, Spal won and saved –

Yellow and blue bright only in the early 2’s, when the Tribune can’t find the moment, Novakovich and Garitano aim at Thiam. Then one or two of the hosts between 8 ‘and 12’ and Boloka will not reopen it. Strategic changes do not carry the expected results. After recovering a mountain climb especially double yellow for Szyminski

sPAL (4-3-1-2): Thiam; Dickman, Capradosi, Macariello (41st St. Vicari), Celia; Genellato, Esposito, Mora (41 ‘st Tripaldelli); Pinato (28th Crusade); Finotto (28 ‘St. Widow), Latte Lath (21’ St. Colombo).

Available: Pomini, Alfonso, Pabai, Tripaldeli, Melchiori, Juculini, Vicari, Almici, D’Orazio.

Instructor: Venturato.

FROSINONE (3-5-2): Mineli; Gutti, Szyminsky, Kotali; Tribuzzi (11th Rohden), Boloca, Ricci (11th Cicerelli), Garritano (23rd Barisic), Zampano; Novakovich (30th Garbin), Ciano (11th ‘Row).

Available: Ravagalia, Marcianò, Oyono, Kalaj, Hauodi, Brighenti, Manzari.

Instructor: Large.

Judge: Mr. Gianluca Aureliano of the Bologna Division; Assistant Giuseppe Maccadino from Mazara del Vallo (Tp) and Marco Della Croce from Rimini. Livorno’s fourth man, Mrs. Maria Sole Ferrari Caputi. Marco is the best in Turin, and Marco Scatragli in Arizona.

Identifier: 8 ‘pt Dickmann, 12’ pt Pinato, 43 ‘st Esposito.

Note: Visitors: 7,033 (including 144 Frosinone fans); Angles: 5-4 for Frosinone; Yellow cards: 31 ‘pt Garritano, 34’ pt Esposito, 38 ‘pt and 22’ Szyminski, 41 ‘pt Zanellato, 6’ Ricci, 16 ‘st Latte Lath; Recovery: 1 ‘pt;

It is enough to go to a 2-0 break for a one-two and a spal in the lap of 4 between 8 and 12 ‘in the first half and then close it for sure in the final match with a penalty. Esposito Which he finds unprepared Mineli.

Frosinone only ‘bao-bao’ at the start of the match, destroying Thiam’s legs and arms with Novakovich and Garitano, and then ruled out the possibility of reducing the distance with Bologna. So much confusion on the pitch, the 3-5-2 start has been corrected and corrected Large Which, of course, made the rounds at 4-3-3 Venturato Already dropped two aces.

In the second half, Giallajzurio is out for 10 Sijiminsky And mountain climbing became impossible. Giallajuri will now need at least one point on the final day with Pisa (the Tuscans are still running straight for A), assuming Perugia beat Manja at home, but Serie A later looks at their hands. Home crimson knockout calculations will suffer hand in hand.



The former Dr. has been out of the spell due to injury Viviani, Pepito Rossi And Heidenreich When Mankuso and Da Riva are absent due to incompetence. In post confirmation for Thiam, Bologna ex from right to left in front of him Dickman, Capradosi, Macariello And Celia. Esposito The drama is, Genellato And Blue raspberry Midfield internal, Pinato Back Stick milk And Finotto.

In addition to Frosinone Charpentier It is missing Lulik (Already out of the match against Manjar). Structure that sees Minelli in his 3-5-2 post, Gatti, Szyminski and Cotali in front of him. In a central location in the middle of Ricci Field, the interior of Boloca and Garritano Hall, Tribuzzi starts on the right and Zampano elevates on the left-hand lane. So Cyano as well as Novakovich.

Frosinone destroys, then one or two in Spal 4 ‘

A gentle start, also but not only due to the intense heat, it is only a moment because the two teams immediately increase the speed of the engine. In the game Frosinone will not sink immediately: ball Jump For the head Novakovich Which you can see with the back light Tribhuji But the yellow-blue and spall defenses outside the synesthesia are off.

Double chance for Frosinone in the 5th, Novakovic in private action from the left was seen rejecting Thiam’s ball, then Garritano responded but the Spal goalkeeper shook hands. Failed goal, goal conceded: Yellow-blue defense refuses a shot at 8 Milk stick At the edge of the area Dickman Very alone, hit the fly with the ball in his right leg and back Mineli.

The game may revolve around Frosinone, not too much surgery, played by Spall. Home team still dangerous in the tenth minute, by free kick Esposito From 28 meters, Mineli Swerves in the corner to his right. Its team Venturato Riding the wave of advantage, Frosinone seems to have lost the key in the first moments of the game and Emilian’s team doubles at 12: a combination error. Carl And Cats In the trocar, the defender loses its contrast Blue raspberryOpen defense, takes the ball Stick milk Serve in the same area Blue raspberryTouch on towing Pinato And Mineli The second time was beaten.

Frosinone was not found

Frosinone does not appear on the scene. In an attempt to appear in the spall area, Frosinone demanded a penalty for touching Dickman’s hand when the full-back fell, making everything regular for Aureliano..

Continue the yellow-blue doll, Sijiminsky Snatches the ball Stick milkFortunately for Frosinone whose touch inside Finotto This is long enough to allow Minelli to intervene.

Frosinone, in prudent tactical confusion, does not give the impression that 3-5-2 has been well metabolized, especially by the movement of outsiders: there is no 40-meter field for the engine available at Jumpano, more of that 40-meter field in Tribhuvan. In the meantime they have changed their position in the hope of starting a conflict.

Boloka lost in front of Thiam

As Spall begins to admit something, Frosinone pushes. 26 ‘a Boloka Enter the area from the right, for the ball Garritano Slipping at the moment of the shot. Another chance for Giallajuri, Garritano made a great ball for Bologna in the 28th but the former Spazia, free to beat Thiam at the height of the small space, sent out two meters off the right platter and confirmed perception problems when it came. Mark the opponent’s goalposts.

Frosinone too high, resistant scoring and at 38 ‘ Sijiminsky To stop Stick milk He will have to cut a yellow card because the Atlanta school striker slipped away from him with a distraction.

Large Change the skin again and go back to the past, in the form of a combination: Jump He did less in the right-wing tertiary sector, with a role favorable for him and set back to 4-3-3, with Boloka The center that goes to the left e Garritano Opponent to the right of the center. But nothing changes, Spell manages the last minutes which brings the Emilians to rest on the double advantage and Frosinone tries to figure out where the switch is to revive the game.

The spell, preserved by Thiam, remains at Frosinone 10

It’s a spell that immediately tries to think of a yellow-blue defense, Stick milk Shell Cats And Mineli He must go in the snow to avoid problems. A balloon with a tachometer Boloka For Cyan But the attacker is too late to get the ball.

And ‘ Stick milk To defeat Frosinone, Carl He must foul and get a yellow card to stop the attacker’s run. Grosso’s team is still struggling to find the famous switch to revive a match played in monocord mode, a bad copy of the great match seven days ago with Monza. And then Grosso sends three new ones to the field at 11: Cicero, robot And Rohden Instead of respectively Cyan, Carl And Tribhuji.

Frosinone immediately misfortune in the 13th minute: excellent movement by Cicero On the left, say for Garritano That controls and pulls, Macariello deviates and Thiam Miraculously the ball was found between his hand and his right thigh. But if it is difficult to push the numbers evenly, it is even more so after the yellow wave Sijiminsky Which bears the cost of expelling the defender. Inside Barisic Instead GarritanoThus, Grosso tries to reconstruct the back four.

Spall 3-0, Minelli did not take the ball

In the next penalty Spal reached 3-0 in three consecutive shots, the last Genellato Deflected at an angle by the defense wall. Cicero Creating a problem for Spal on the left, another nice move by the former Salernitana, ball Dinghy From an interesting position he fired at the defensive wall. Send in large half an hour Jarbin For NovakovichWith Cicero Which goes to the right e Dinghy Which acts as ‘False Nive’.

33A ‘Frosinone Risk 3-0: Combination error Mineli (Small head outside area rejected) e Boloka (Which stops on the ball for quick control and handling), Colombo Behind him he takes advantage of it but shoots from a void from the edge of the area.

The game falls asleep, Spall feels salvation in his hands, Barisic Save in Vido at 90 to 7. Frosinone also collected 3-0 out of 10 men. Like this: Esposito’s free kick, Minelli ‘kicks’ the ball in an attempt to catch it high, under the ball bag. The match ended without recovery, with Aureliano whistling.

An unknown Frosinone spawned the path of salvation. To win the last place in the playoffs, he has to win at least one match with Pisa at home on the last day.

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