Health and Wellness: Success of the event with Flavia Panetta at TC Genoa

“Flavia Peneta plays with us” The title of Saturday’s 1893 tennis club event in Genoa, where radiologists, pediatricians and nutritionists literally take to the field – together with the hundreds of children who will play under the leadership of champion Flavia Panetta – advocates for the child’s health and well-being, especially at a post-Covid stage. It is important to return to the lifestyle. Children play sports as well as in collaboration with experts.

Radiologists, nutritionists and pediatricians make a targeted assessment through visits and ultrasound examinations, and they will be interviewed about their daily habits. The result is an important illustration of the “lifestyle” of children and adolescents, followed by targeted counseling for a healthy lifestyle from all angles: food, sports and

Organized by the Study Section of Pediatric Radiology of the SIRM (Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology), the event aims to support those who want to propose a healthy growth program for the child, with expert imagery. Radiologists, nutritionists and pediatricians, so
Over time it can monitor and lead to balanced development.

“The ultrasound techniques available today are extremely advanced,” announced Margarita Trinci, president of the SIRM Department of Pediatric Radiology Studies. “They allow us, in fact, one
Highly accurate assessment, for both metabolic-nutritional and muscular components. Radiologist
Therefore, both prevention and observation become a determining factor in the development of a healthy child.
The physiological process of growth.

“Our goal as pediatric radiologists is to organize a personalized non-invasive imaging program,” said Beatrice Damasio, a radiologist at Gasolini Hospital in Genoa. In the interest of the global state of his health.

Kovid’s influence has changed his life dramatically. If before the epidemic, 1 in 10 children in Italy were obese, now the ratio is 1 to 8, age 1 to 7 to 8 years.

“Snacks and sugary drinks are often prescribed, which must have increased consumption,” explains Romina Servigni, nutritionist biologist and scientific director at the Walter Longo Foundation. “In reality, Italian children eat a lot of starch and too much protein, which causes excess weight, while whole grains, lemons and vegetables are eaten sparingly.” Improper eating habits can lead to pathological complications such as diabetes, including inflammation and a weakened immune system.

“Treatment of obesity is based on two principles: controlling calorie intake through a balanced diet according to age and gender, and promoting energy expenditure through physical activity,” said Natasia de Urgi, a pediatrician at Genoa Gaslini Hospital. And it is precisely this resumption of sports, after the increase in sedentary activity that has inevitably created epidemic levels, that is promoted on this Awareness Day.

“At Genoa Tennis Club, a historic club born in 1893, we follow more than 250 students, 218 of whom are children between the ages of 5 and 15, trying to encourage them to resume a healthy game in the open air, which stimulates their future. Free to express oneself as an athlete and above all as a human being
Grow healthy.
During the event, nearly a hundred children from the tennis club took to the field under the direction of champion Flavia Panetta, testimonials of both the initiative as a sportswoman and mother of three.

“I want to express my passion for children’s sports. I see athletes who give up sport year after year as a duty, and the same thing can happen to children who probably practice a discipline with emotional overload caused by the expectation of demanding parents. Sport, precisely because it contributes to the mental and physical well-being of children, should be lived with enthusiasm and curiosity. “

Sports activities, healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle are the only winning recipes for promoting growth in the name of health and wellness. In the case of children and adolescents at the stage of development, the presence of specialists is needed more than ever to assist in their evolution from infancy to adulthood.

“The role and task of pediatric radiologists, along with other specialists, is to monitor the child’s growth stages, his professionalism and the use of today’s highly advanced technological tools,” explained Vittorio Miel, president of SIRM.

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