How to secure a porch for cats

For a Cats It is essential to live in a safe environment that makes him feel safe, but which at the same time respects his needs, desires and motivations. Climb to the surface, jump and climb to the top This is definitely one of the most urgent needs, and this is why with the arrival of summer many people who live in the city and share life with a cat, surprise themselves.How to secure a porch And prove it drop or escape.

As mentioned, i Cats They prefer vertical position And it is in their nature to consider the place where they live as high. It often involves jumping and “walking” on balconies, balconies and balconies of balconies, causing people to panic when they see them lose their balance and fall down – so-called.Flying cat syndrome”- or alternatively watching them flee.

Flying cat syndrome and vertical reflexes

The premise is that “flying cat syndrome” is not a disease of any kind, as the definition might suggest, but a name that has given humans a need and consequently a capacity that cats have honored over millennia of evolution. Loved by height and extremely curious, the cat, as mentioned, is attracted to the raised surface and often tests its sportsmanship. So evolution has given it a kind of “super power”: “vertical reflectionIt has the ability to rotate their bodies when they are hanging in the air and landing around as if nothing had happened.

The correct word is actually “Writing Reflex “And it is a power that allows him, even if he falls from a sufficient height and faces the floor with his back, to rotate his body, lying on his stomach while they are in the air and landing around, cushioning the impact.

However, muffling does not mean falling from a height, Cats may not even be seriously or severely injuredWhich is why above all Those who live upstairs Buildings and condominiums tend to take and adopt measures that secure balconies and terraces. Preventing the cat from jumping and keeping it indoors by exploring vertical floors and locations or depriving it of any view of the outside world, on the contrary, risks becoming a real cruelty.

Safe balcony: accurate measurement

“Protecting porches is actually a humanitarian need when we lock cats in dozens of floor-high condominium apartments – explains Sonia Kampa, a cat expert and member of Kodami’s scientific committee.” Is the only form of communication with the outside, so think It is cruel enough to take away this last happy island from them

When you see him walking on the roof and wall or jumping in the tree, in short, the cat Height conscious And testing his athletic ability. The problem is that in the city it often happens Limited to one apartment And he sees himself doing it in ten-meter-tall buildings and condominiums as well, and there is a risk that he could fall, with the difference that there is no grass below but asphalt.

This is not because the cat wants to throw itself down or is not aware of the height, but precisely because the urban environment and the life of the apartment is the result of a domestication that has brought the cat out of its original environment and created it. It is less aware of its surroundings (city, building, car). And accidents can happen. How to intervene, therefore, to ensure security without limiting it?

How to secure a porch for cats

The part you need to focus on, those lucky enough to get it, is of course the porch (or terrace). It is a point of entry for cats and it would be cruel to ban it, as mentioned, but it is possible to take small steps to keep it safe.

First you can choose between Different methods, There are condominium regulations to handle any changes or installations and it is always best to search. That being said, security depends on the type of porch. The basic idea is to turn it into something sort of Patio for catsClose or semi-closed, so that the cat can look down without the risk of falling.

To do this it is necessary to secure the balcony with a Barriers fixed to bars or poles Railing’s support: They can be used Plastic mesh Strictly woven o Metal mesh Cut to size (you can do this at home if you have the right tools, or directly at hardware stores or DIY stores if you have precise measurements) that are easily secured with railings Electrical cable ties. It is always best to choose hard and rigid material so that the net does not bend or the cat can slip down or to the side, and it is important to check if there are any holes or other unsafe places. The net should run around the entire perimeter of the porch and should be carefully fixed.

Cats can still try To climb Go to the net and to the top of the railing and in this case the choice is twofold: The net can go up to the “ceiling” A terrace or porch, which would turn into a kind of closed patio, or you could add a net, all or one near the top of the railing, some Plexiglass panels Which prevents the cat from clawing and climbing. In this case, some part of the porch will be outside, but the cat will not be able to climb the net at the bottom.

Plexiglass panels are usually the best choice because they have less impact on the visual aspect and are also good for masonry porches. The problem is Parapet: If big enough, the cat may decide to try walking It’s a straight jump. One idea might be that Slightly wrinkled The net is on the inside, so that it expands and discourages the cat from jumping but still allows it to stay outside and observe the outside world while enjoying the sun and fresh air. However, control remains fundamental: it is best not to keep the cat in the first place, for complete safety, without over-anxiety or fear, especially on a semi-closed porch.

Obviously you can turn on Specialized companies, Which, after payment, secure the porch by choosing the most appropriate method to suit your needs. In general, however, it is better Context assessment What is needed to intervene: The goal is not to convert the porch or porch (if for this reason, not even the house) A prisonBut to make it safer for cats, one of the purposes that comes before humans is to “make sure”.

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