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The 35th match of the 2021/2022 Serie A between Napoli and Sassuolo at the Maradona Stadium is valid: Summary, Scoreboard, Results, Moviola and Live News

At the Maradona Stadium, Naples and Sassuolo They will face each other on the 35th day of the match Serie A 2021/22.

Summary Napoli Sassuolo 6-1 Moviola

Start flute – La Maradona’s match begins

2 Naples Pole – The bloody retreat of Chiriches. Osimen intercepts him, passes Consiglio but hits the post with an empty net.

7 ‘Round Naples – The irresistible separation of the cauliflower from a corner kick. The blue defender knocks his head and beats Conceiglio.

15 ‘Round Naples – Ajjuri is doubled again from the corner kick. This time, Osemen is ahead of everyone and after hitting the crossbar, he leaves Conceglio behind.

19 ‘Naples goal – Overflowing blues. Martens steals the ball in midfield and serves deeply to Osiman. The Nigerian sees Lozano for free in the center of the area and serves him. It’s easy for Mexicans to follow advice.

20 ‘Round Naples – Spalletti’s team never stops. Martens takes the ball to the left, enters the area, focuses and kicks to his right at a nearby post. Advice still and Napoli drop poker.

25 ‘Sassuolo replacement – Enter Henry for Jurisick.

29 ‘Sassuolo shot – Nerowardi tries to react. The ball into space for Skamakka who kicks first. Deflected shot for a corner.

38 ‘Naples under control – The blues control the results without any risk.

45 ‘Naples Shooting – The ball is empty in the penalty area after Mario Rui crosses. Lozano turns quickly and kicks with his left. Central, easy to consult.

One minute of recovery

The first half is over

The second half begins

46 ‘Double Replacement Sassuolo – Outside of Skamakka and Chiriches, inside of Defrell and Ayhan.

52 ‘Sassuolo Warning – Yellow for Frattesi for simulation.

54 ‘Round Naples – Blues Drop Pokarsimo. The triangle between Fabian and Mertens, which ends with the Belgian Spaniard serving at the edge of the small area. On the 14th Napoli took aim and again defeated Concepcion.

59 ‘Sassuolo shot – Defrell flies towards the door, crosses the cauliflower through a beautiful tunnel but is then rescued and his suffocated left part ends up innocent in Ospinar’s arm.

60 ‘Sassuolo Occasion – Berardi runs to the right, Mario Rui enters the area. He tries to beat Ospina with the tip of his left hand, but hits outside the net.

71 ‘Sassuolo replacement – Fratsey goes out, inside Magnanelli.

76 ‘Triple Replacement Naples – Exit Fabian, Osiman and Lozano. Inside Dame, Elmas and Politano.

80 ‘Round Naples – Rahmani closes the set. Illuminated ball to pollinate space. The outside comes down and keeps it low in the middle. Defender quickly blocks and bags the back of the council with his right hand.

81 ‘Double Replacement Naples – Outside of De Lorenzo and Mario Rui, enter Janoli and Golam.

86 ‘Round Sassuolo – Sassuolo’s flag goal, Maxime Lopez who manages to defeat Ospina after a confusing action in the penalty area.

The final whistle

Man of the Match: Martens Report card

Napoli Sassuolo 6-1: Results and Match Report

Scorers: 7 ′ Caulibali (N), 15 Osiman (N), 19 Lozano (N), 20 ′, 54 ′ Mertens (N), 80 ′ Rahmani, 86 Maxim Lopez

Naples (4-2-3-1): Ospina; Di Lorenzo (81 ′ Janoli), Caulibali, Rahmani, Mario Rui (81 ′ Golam); Anguissa, Fabian (76 ′ Demme); Lozano (76 ′ Politano), Mertens, Insigne; Osimen (76 ′ Elmas). Annex.: Spaletti. Available.: Meret, Marfela, Malquit, Tuanzebe, Juan Jesus, Janoli, Dame, Elmas, Politano, Zilinsky, Petagna.

SASSUOLO (4-2-3-1): Advice; Muldur, Chiriches (46 ‘Ayhan), Ferrari, Rosario; Fratacea (71 ‘Magnanelli), Lopez; Berardi, Raspadori, Jurisic (25 ‘Henrik); Scamakka (46 ‘Defrell). Annex.: Dionysus. Available.: Satalino, Pegolo, Peluso, Cide, Ayhan, Tresoldi, Magnelli, Odei, Matthias Henrik, Sierravo, Samele, Defrell.

Ammonites: Lopez, Fratsey, Berardi

Judge: Antonio Rapuano

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